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The Asian Markets boasts of several private and public sector banks that offer various facilities and different types of accounts for varying needs of the customer. However, for every payment that needs to be made to a merchant, a customer has to deal with a plethora of options, making the payment experience chaotic. Asia Banks wanted a single platform where all Bank options, crypto currencies, cards and payment options are consolidated and the customer can easily make payment from any of their bank accounts. Hence Solution Analysts proposed a web portal which would facilitate easy transactions. At the same time, we also proposed that they create a brand presence for themselves online so that it is easier for them when they approach partners.
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Asia Banks is a web payment platform that lets a user to integrate all their banks and crypto currencies on one single portal. It will be an option that will be integrated with all merchants such as ecommerce, travel, utilities etc. Hence, irrespective of the bank, a user can make purchases and payments via this platform itself.

The Challenge

  • There are a large number of payment and banking options available in the market, which means that the solution needs to be compatible and integrated with the current options.
  • Asia Banks does not have any presence in the market as of now and will be a new entrant with a new concept, there was a need to create an online presence so that when they reach out to partners, they would be considered credible.
  • Since the platform deals with banking and payment platforms, ensuring security measures for safer transactions was important.
  • Asia Banks also wanted users to be able to pay with crypto currencies, hence it was necessary to integrate this platform with crypto API.

Payment & Banking

Online presence


Crypto Currencies

A Befitting Solution

  • Consolidate all banks, cards and payment options under one web portal
  • Create a brilliant website that established Asia Banks as a niche leader and creates brand presence
  • Integrate secure encryptions for all transactions that take place on their platform
  • Integrate with Selenium Robot crypto API to enable crypto currencies

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