Project Type

iOS Application

Industry Domain

Restaurant (Food & Beverages)


The core objective of The Usual application is to enable the users to order their favorite coffee and other beverages with ease. Also, the user would be able to add and use funds through a digital wallet to purchase coffee from various coffee shops in the network. The user would also be able to order coffee through the Self-service kiosk placed outside the coffee shop. The Usual app also offers rewards for purchasing coffee.

The Usual platform has three different interfaces-

  • User App-iOS
  • Merchant App-iOS
  • Kiosk App-iOS

Users can order through an iPhone app and the merchant can use the system using an iPad application. The admin can access the system through the web admin panel.

The Challenges


  • Loyalty  Calculations
  • Generate all the reports and their calculation
  • Modifiers and Ingredients calculation

Our Solution

Our experienced iOS developers have integrated features related to report generation, data analysis, and payment history in the merchant app. We also added Loyalty Discount feature in the user app to calculate and redeem points.



The Usual App Features

  • Login with mobile number and social media like facebook, google and Sign in with Apple
  • View list of restaurants registered & approved by admin via admin panel
  • Explore nearby restaurants from the current location using a map
  • Mark the restaurants and menus as favorites and want to try
  • Order a meal by scanning the QR code of the restaurant
  • Users can get Loyalty Discount upto $5
  • Every order of beverage items users earn loyalty stamps
  • Every 11th and 21st order of beverage items, users redeem loyalty stamps and get up to a $5 discount
  • Add credit card, Set Auto-top up amount, set default credit card for payment and auto-top up
  • Users can view Order history for past orders
  • Display Wallet balance, credit and debit history

Merchant App Features

  • Signup with email address
  • Add restaurant details and Menu
  • Make a number of products as Today’s Treats
  • Dashboard with Today sells, Popular menu item, Reward redeem and Transaction details
  • Display New-Orders, In-Progress Order and Completed Order
  • Merchants can change order status with In-Progress, complete and cancel orders
  • Download different types of Reports for data analysis
  • Refund and cancel orders feature
  • Display Payment history

Kiosk App Features

  • Login with mobile number
  • See restaurant details and Menu
  • Users can Order a meal
  • Users can get a Loyalty Discount of up to $5
  • Display Order history
  • Display Wallet balance

Admin Features

  • Admin can Approve and Reject Merchants
  • Admin can Approve and Reject Users
  • See all orders
  • Download different types of Reports for data analysis
  • Refund & Cancel Orders
  • Filter Data using different date options (Today, Week, Month)

Tech Stack


Swift 5




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