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The client wished to build a robust, app-based entertainment platform for members. The core objective was to give users a single platform to perform various physical and social activities that give fun and entertainment to all age groups. Users can check-in at a listed number of locations using a Unique Code or Ticket. Users can also get pricing benefits for selected locations after purchasing a membership. The platform enables users or members to buy Gift Cards from local or online stores that help them earn Global Play Cash in the application. This Global Play Cash is shareable with friends using emails or phone numbers.

This platform has four different interfaces-

  • Mobile Application for End-users
  • Web-based Panel for Partner
  • Web-based Panel for Admin
  • Web-based Self Checkout (Station)

The Challenges


  • Manage payment flow using stripe, including crons for past failed payments.
  • Manage different payment methods, i.e stripe, ACH, Global Play cash.
  • Report module based on different conditions as per client expectation.

Our Solution

Our in-house team successfully integrated Stripe payment gateway and added functionality to manage other payment methods like ACH. We also integrated report module in the portal.



User Features

  • Users can log in with their email and phone numbers after verifying themselves by receiving OTP
  • Users can see the list of locations(Partners), and their details, i.e address, timing, check-in prices
  • Users would be able to check-in at the partner location if they are within a radius of 5km of the location
  • Users would be able to pay for their membership, check-in, and purchase gift cards via Credit/Debit cards or ACH or Global Play Cash (GP Cash)
  • Users can view their Payment history, GP Cash History, and list of tickets
  • Users can Share the Family Member access to other users also as Delegated Access
  • Users would be able to receive a push notification for their membership, Check-ins, etc.
  • Users need to Sign Wavier at the locations where it is added
  • Users can download the invoice of the payment in PDF format

Self-Checkout Features

  • Users would be able to login into the stations by email/ phone number or check-in code
  • Users can view the list of family members and select who is going into the location or not
  • Users can select the products or membership for an individual member of the family

Self-Checkout Features

  • Users can sign wavier from stations also
  • For the member who is more than 18 years old, the user can send an email for signing wavier to their email ID
  • Users can select the option for paying the total amount by Cash, by Card, or GPCash

Partner Features

  • Partners can log in at the partner panel with credentials
  • Partners would be able to manage check-ins by accepting/rejecting the check-in request
  • Partners can view the list of consumers checked-in history with the user’s details
  • Partners can also download the monthly count report from the partner panel
  • Partners can add/delete/edit the product listing shown in the self-checkout
  • Partners can create self-checkout stations that users can use to check in at their locations
  • Partners can manage the sign-wavier document from the panel, and add their terms and conditions to it
  • Partners would be able to download a number of reports like monthly, weekly, custom reports.
  • Partners can reset passwords for the account also

Admin Features

  • Admin can log in at the admin panel with credentials
  • Admin can add/edit partner with enabling or delete the partner with check the report of the partner about checking, earning, and refund
  • Admin can add/edit categories and groups of the partner
  • Admin can list the consumers with subscriptions and also delete or cancel the subscription of any consumer or any of sub(family) members
  • Admin can view the consumer reports like check-in history, gift card purchase history, shared tickets, payment history with cards added, cancel membership history, add notes and edit notes for some time, and list of members with edit all details of main or family members with cancel membership
  • Admin can add/edit discounts for any specific area
  • Admin can add or edit subscription(membership) types
  • Admin can add tickets for ticket types partner
  • Admin can create a URL for an invitation at global play for corporations
  • Add new gift card deals for consumers as a local gift card
  • Admin can add/edit gift codes and promo codes for trials and GP cash type with conditions
  • Admin can view reports like check-in, membership purchase, etc.
  • Admin can check the cron report means who are charged in next cron or next Thursday and Friday cron
  • Admin can check and update the status of physical gift cards
  • Admin can reset the password for an account

Tech Stack



Node JS

Node TS


Visual studio


Payment Getway



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