Project Type

Mobile Application

Industry Domain

Teaching (Dance)


The client contacted us with an objective to make a dance-teaching app for children. Lilbookz has a web-based registration process. The client wanted to include the list of available classes on the registration page and made a mobile app for end-users (children) to teach them to dance in an easy and engaging manner.


  • Code understanding
  • No documentation of the project
  • Customized Song Player and working as per client requirement
  • Managing client and daily tasks to understand the flow of the app and giving solutions on changes suggested by the client and making sure that impact analyses are done

Our Solutions

Our in-house team has thoroughly understood the flow of this app to include all the changes suggested by the client effectively. We also developed and integrated a customized song player in line with the client’s requirements.



User Features

  • Parents can register their children from a web app for any dance class.
  • After registration, they can pay nominal charges directly to the teacher for a particular class per child.
  • Parents will get a unique code for children on email and they can register on the application.
  • After registration, parents can enter a unique student code to assign that student to that parent account.
  • They can pay for their children’s membership/trial amount directly from the Platform.
  • Parents can purchase clothes, shoes, stickers, etc. for their children from the lilbookz clothing platform by ordering from the application.
  • They can check already uploaded videos at home for dance and access songs and syllabus for their little ones.

Teacher’s Features

  • Teachers can also log in using the same application.
  • Franchises can add their member teacher to the platform for login also be given access based on the requirement.
  • Teachers can register students for the class.
  • Teachers can add students to the platform using the application.
  • Teachers can Send invoices to the parent for payment of the student.
  • Teachers can send emails / SMS to the students and give updates regarding the class from the app.
  • Teachers can also check the leaderboard among all the teachers.
  • Teachers can also place orders for clothes, shoes, goggles, stickers, lilbookz badges, etc, on behalf of any student.
  • Teachers can update their profile, however, the main teacher can update the payment details of the stripe keys and directly store the database against those franchises, and payment gets directly transferred to that franchise’s account using stripe.

Admin Features

  • Admin can log in to the platform
  • Admin can update the mail format
  • Admin can create franchises
  • Admin can update the syllabus for the students

Tech Stack



Angular JS



AWS SNS - SMS Integration

AWS SES - Email Integration

AWS Rout53 - Hosting

Payment Gateway


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