Project Type

Wearable Mobile Application

Industry Domain

Health & Fitness


NYW is a smartwatch for tracking various health and fitness activities of the user. The client wanted to show pulse rate, ECG, burned calories, activity, sleep quality, deep sleep time, SPO2 (Saturation of peripheral oxygen), sleep cycle, and other vital parameters to the NYW watch users through a customized app. The objective was to display all the data at one place through a customized mobile application.

The Challenges


  • Seamless and continuous interaction with NYW Watch 
  • Send command to retrieve HEX data from the watch
  • Decoding HEX data for compatible format
  • Generating different graphs for various circumstances

Our Solution

We have developed a robust app solution that can seamlessly communicate with NYW watch using BLE technology. Our in-house team of developers have also added functionality to generate different graphs for various activities so that users can keep track of consumed and burned calories and get necessary information in an interesting way.


Sending and retrieving data from watch. Users can have graphical representation of ECG, Pulse   Rate, Activity, Deep Sleep Time etc.

  • Application will ask for your Personal data, Sleep Time and Wake-Up Time. Depending on this data watch will calculate their needed data of user
  • Application will notify you to wear watch depending on Sleep and Wake-Up time.
  • Application will change display mode according to sleep and wakeup time.
  • In wakeup mode, user will have Current Pulse rate, ECG, Total no. of Burn Calories, Activity Time and Intake.
  • In sleep mode, user will have data about previous night i.e. Sleep Quality, Deep Sleep Time, Sleep Cycle, to recognize performance of User’s previous night.
  • Status bar indicate Mode (Day/Sleep) icon, Watch battery status, Notification enable/disable, connectivity between NYW watch and application.
  • User will able to choose different mode to view Height and Weight (Metric/Imperial unit).
  • Allow user to browse ECG, Activity, Intake, Burn Calories data of selected date.
  • User have option to view last 90/30/7 days chart of Activity, Intake, Burn Calories, Sleep Quality, Deep sleep time.

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