Project Type

Mobile Responsive Website


Leisure and Entertainment


The primary objective of developing a mobile-friendly website is to enhance the leisure experience of users in Spain by integrating advanced features, including curated place recommendations and exclusive benefits. The website aims to provide efficient accessibility for both end users and admins. Additionally, the objective includes developing the website with multi-language support to cater to people from different regions.

The Challenges

  • Place management with multiple options and support for multiple languages
  • Importing multiple places using Excel files
  • Filtering SELEKTO places based on various available filters
  • Managing subscription plans, including auto-renewal and non-renewal options, using Stripe integration

Our Solution

To address the challenges and meet the objective of the SELEKTO project, experts at Solution Analysts have implemented a compressive solution with various key aspects including, mobile responsive website, dual interface, location-based exploration, etc. Finally, delivered a successful user-friendly website that enhanced the leisure experience of users by merging advanced features and functionalities.



To provide a better and more meaningful interface for a diverse range of users, we have divided the interfaces into two phases: the User interface and the Admin interface. Our experts have carefully curated and incorporated the necessary features into each interface.

User Features

  • User login with email and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Subscription plans available for end-users with exclusive benefits and discounts at recommended places
  • Referral program where users can earn money by referring SELEKTO to friends, who also receive discounts when using the referral code
  • No charges for Instagram influencers who can use SELEKTO CLUB features for free and earn money through promotion
  • Discounts for users and their companions by becoming members of the SELEKTO Club
  • Access to a comprehensive list of restaurants, cuisines, menus, and discounts
  • Advanced filtering options for restaurants based on categories, distance, price, recommendations, and special treatments for club members
  • Explore nearby restaurants using a map based on the user’s current location
  • Various categories to explore and find inspiration for different types of plans
  • Loyalty programs available for companies, employees, and clients
  • Place owners can join SELEKTO to reach potential clients, offering excellent services and unique experiences
  • Users can add places to their favourite list and manage listings for future reference
  • SELEKTO Club members can check-in at places to avail discounts by showing their valid member card
  • Detailed information about places including location, contact details, opening hours, discounts, and special treatments available for SELEKTO Club members. Users can find social media links and contact information on the place detail page.

Admin Features:

  • Admin login with email
  • Creation and management of new places for SELEKTO Club
  • Viewing and managing website users, influencers, companies, and place owners
  • Search, block, update, and remove users as needed
  • Tracking and monitoring user check-ins at places
  • Tracking and viewing influencer earnings from referrals
  • Management of SELEKTO categories listing
  • Viewing and handling inquiry updates from website contacts
  • Bulk import of places using Excel files
  • Creation and management of referral codes for companies, including usage limits and expiration dates
  • Creation of other admins, place owners, staff members, and authors with limited access
  • Access to user check-in history for SELEKTO club places
  • Updating subscription plan information, including description, premium features, and display order in pricing section
  • Managing content of Amenities and Help sections, as well as website content in multiple languages

Tech Stack


Angular JS


Visual Studio Code



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