Project Type

Android Application

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The client approached us with a requirement of an app for a contactless payment through the NFC band. The client also wanted us to add functionality to limit the transaction amount for the user’s family members. The app also enables users to set a threshold amount to autoload money in the NFC band.

The app has 3 interfaces-

  • User Mobile Application
  • Business Owner Mobile Application
  • Admin Panel (Web-based)

The Challenges


  • Stripe bank payment integration & bank verification by Plaid
  • NFC band detection & reading data from the band
  • Export and import of band number in the admin panel interface
  • Manage different versions of mobile applications with all running on the same device

Our Solution

Our in-house team of skilled developers has integrated Stripe and added the functionality of NFC band detection. We used Flutter to manage different versions of mobile applications on the same device.



User Features

  • Login with email and social media like Facebook, Google, and Apple
  • Configure multiple NFC bands, set threshold amount, and restrictions usage
  • Load money in the band by credit card or bank
  • Configure security PIN details to validate the user if the purchase limit reaches beyond the limit
  • See a list of payment methods(card) added for the auto-reload amount in the band
  • Block or delete the band in case of band loss
  • Transfer an amount from one band to another band in case of band loss
  • See the utilization of band, utilization amount, available amount, and purchase order amount at a particular business
  • Filter the band amount utilization by specific date range
  • See in/out transaction executed through a specific band

Business Owners Features

  • Login with email
  • Add products that business owners are selling
  • See a list of products and manage it,  Enable/Disable product, edit product & Delete product
  • Add product to cart
  • See cart total and proceed with checkout. Users can tap on the mobile  of the business owner to do a payment by NFC band
  • See order history and its details
  • Add an employee in-app to allow order placement
  • See the sell amount, profit, and recent order in the dashboard

Admin Features

  • Login with email
  • See dashboard statistics e.g. no of business, no of users, today’s sales, today’s earned commission
  • See a list of users, business owners. Approve business owner’s account-
    • – Filter account type, approval status & search user/business owner by name, company name, email, etc.
  • See a list of bands that users can associate with the app. Add a new band number
    • – See user association with a particular band
    • – Enable/Disable particular NFC band
    • – Import/Export band
  • See order list & order details
    • – Search order by business owner name, order number
    • – Filter orders by date range & business owner
    • – Export order details
  • See admin revenue details by the business owner
  • Set commission for admin revenue module
  • Create the sub-admin and assign roles of the specific module to them

Tech Stack


Angular JS


Android Studio

Payment Gateway


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