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The client gave us the requirement of creating an online trading app for uninterrupted purchasing and selling. Hence, our objective in developing Tradeloop is to streamline the bulk ordering of products and their related task for buyers.

The Challenges

  • RazorPay payment gateway was difficult to integrate.
  • The entire offer management in the app was a challenge for developers.
  • Invoice management based on current government norms was a challenging aspect of the Tradeloop project.
  • Managing different versions of mobile applications all running on the same device comes has the potential to impact the functionalities of app. 

Our Solution

As per the requirement of our client, we’ve created a mobile application named Tradeloop that enables the streamlining of buying and selling of products wholesale. Our developers have integrated relevant technologies i.e., Mongo DB, Angular JS, Kotlin, Android Studio, Twilio for SMS Integration and RazorPay for payment gateway. It contains 3 interfaces: End-user(Buyer) Mobile Application, Seller Panel (Web-based), and Admin Panel (Web-based)

The end-users can order products from the same seller and pay online/COD using a mobile application. The application allows users to compare, and filter different products. Sellers may have different variants for a product. Buyers can purchase any number of quantities easily.

While developing this app, our professional has come across various challenges such as integrating RazorPay, offer management, invoice management, and many more. However, by overcoming these challenges, we’ve successfully developed a well-functioned wholesale trading mobile app.



Buyer Features

  • Login with OTP for secure entering into the application.
  • Easy viewing of categories, sub-categories, products and offers.
  • Filter list of products based on specifications.
  • Compare various products of different sellers.
  • Mark the products as favourites and order later.
  • Add product to cart and checkout securely with RazorPay.
  • View and download order history and invoices.
  • Easily reorder the previous orders.
  • Ask Query to the admin for a product.
  • Easy-Return policy.
  • Get notifications for the latest offer. 
  • Get a notification track for your purchase orders.
  • The “Return Requests” feature is also available.

Seller Features

  • Login with OTP to secure entering into the application.
  • Seller dashboard which shows the total sale, and income. It also shows the graph and top selling products.
  • Add, edit, and delete Products.
  • Manage individual product offers.
  • The seller can request access for a category and add approx preparation time to sell products.
  • Manage varieties of products.
  • Sellers can manage cities in which he/she wants to sell products.

Admin Features

  • Only the admin has access to verify and approve buyers and sellers. Hence, the buyer/seller cannot log in to the system till the admin approves the profile.
  • Can see the total number of buyers, sellers, products, sales, accepted orders, pending orders, delivered orders, in transit orders, etc.
  • Can see graphs by day, week and month and the respective revenue generated. 
  • Can track all buyers and Sellers.
  • Manage Main Category, Subcategory, and third-level category.
  • Provide access to sellers for requested categories.
  • Manage status for orders once it’s “Ready to Pickup”.
  • Can see buyer, seller, return purchase, credit note, and reverse shipping invoices.
  • Can manage CMS pages: About Us, Terms & conditions, Return/Refund policy, Privacy policy and Contact Us.
  • Approve/Reject return requests from the buyer. See the details of return requests.
  • Add/Manage products.
  • Can add admin offers for the subcategory.
  • Manage filters & their specifications which will be displayed for buyers.
  • Manage State, City and Pin Codes.
  • Manage cities in which he/she wants to allow buyers or sellers to trade.
  • Manage/generate queries and status for buyers.
  • See/manage the account statement
  • Manage delivery times to deliver an order between the cities/states.
  • Generate reports: Revenue, Order, and Return requests.

Tech Stack

Mongo DB

Angular JS


Android Studio

Twilio - SMS Integration

RazorPay - Payment Gateway


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