Project Type

iOS Application

Industry Domain



Client approached with the objective to build a simple yet feature-rich and user-friendly weather app. The app has a push notification functionality for forecasts and other weather-related information.

The Challenges


  • Serverless full-stack app using firebase cloud functions
  • Sending push notifications according to the user’s local time
  • Modify push content before notification display to the user

Our Solution

Our in-house team integrated the notification functionality that works as per the user’s local time. We successfully added firebase cloud functions for building a full-stack app.


  • Get forecast data using location information through their GPS
  • Users can manually enter locations using a searchable list of locations to get weather information
  •  Users can see Hourly and Daily forecast
    • – In Hourly forecast, the user can see forecast data until 11 PM the next day
    • – In the Daily forecast, the user can see forecast data for 7 days.
  • Get a push notification every day at the time set by the user, it will tell the highlights of the weather
  • Users will able to customize the temperature scale (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

Tech Stack


Node Js


Dark Sky Integration

AdMob Integration

Google Analytics Integration