Industry Domain

Restaurant (Food & Beverages)

Project Type

Mobile Application


The client wanted to make a social community for food lovers worldwide. The objective was to build a do-it-all platform for sharing food-related information through vivid pictures, reviews, and videos. The application was designed to bring a new approach for foodies so that they can find and follow the best eateries in every locale.

The platform also enables users to make friends with fellow foodies across the world while discovering and sharing engaging local eating guides. Users can also follow trending gourmets and chefs on this online stage using their Android phones or iPhones.

The platform has 2 interfaces:

  • End-user Mobile Application
  • Admin Mobile Application

The Challenges

  • A silent notification needs to be sent when the user will be in a nearby restaurant. We faced challenges when the location of a user from android and iOS devices was shared in the background at a time interval.
  • Manage different versions of Android and iOS with UI Pixel perfect on all devices.
  • Image filters like Crop, Brightness, Contrast, etc like Instagram.
  • Sync contacts for every user via Cron Job and makes a list updated on the server.
  • Manage a combined list of users who viewed user profiles in the last few hours and send a notification for it.
  • Display a home page with a few complex queries based on location and display trending food, nearby cities, popular meals, etc.
  • Allowing the user to set location with an amazing map and different radius UI.
  • Platform-specific native codes required to achieve our requirement of silent notification.
  • Dark mode support for iOS 13+.
  • iOS and Android OS have different behavior for various events

Our Solution

In-house app developers at Solution Analysts take care of every aspect of both Android OS and iOS while making a Grubshoots application. We have made an application capable of managing different versions of Android and iOS with pixel-perfect UI across all devices.  We added contact sync for users and silent notification functionality based on the user’s location successfully.



User Features

  • Login with email and social media like Facebook and Apple (Only for iOS)
  • See a list of restaurants along with cuisines, opening hours
  • Filter list of restaurants based on cuisines, meals, and dietaries
  • Explore nearby restaurants & dishes from the current location using a map
  • Make like, comment and share dishes
  • See most active users, top-ranked restaurants, nearby cities, popular meals and trending food on the home screen
  •  See all dishes of the following user and public dishes on the feed screen
  • Make followers of users and restaurants
  • Search for users, dishes, and restaurants by typing any keyword
  • Users can view user-profiles and restaurant profiles
  • Create a post of a dish from a gallery, camera and Instagram photo library and apply different image filters
  • Tag a restaurant & users while creating a post
  • Users can create a maximum of 10 posts of dishes against the same restaurant
  • Users can see a list of liked posts, Tagged posts and viewed users list from settings
  • Users can increase the following list by fetching friends list of Facebook, contacts and nearby locations
  • Get notifications about various user interactions and see a list of all received notifications

Admin Features

  • Login with email in the admin app
    • See a list of restaurants, users, and dishes
  • See a list of pending, approved, and rejected posts. Make approval and rejection of posts based on dish details
  • See a list of new and approved restaurants. Make approval of the restaurant by checking the basic profile and opening hours details
  • Apply different filters like the last 7 days, last 30 days, Today, etc. for Posts, Users, and Restaurants
  • See a list of countries with the highest users and make sorting based on alphabetic or highest first
  • Admin can see a history of past approval and rejection
  • Admin can correct information for any tagged restaurants
  • Make disable and delete users from the user list if there was any action reported
  • Admin can view user profile and restaurant profile

Tech Stack

React Native 0.61

MongoDB 4.2

NodeJs 10.16 with Typescript 3.6


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