Project Type

Mobile Application

Industry Domain

Fintech (Wallet for payment transfer and withdraw)


The client wished to make an identity and wallet application that gives users a unique identity code. The objective was to use the code in a dedicated mobile app to show identity and contact details as a business card to users. Users can also enable to make payments using this mobile app. It is useful for transferring and withdrawing payments.

The platform has 2 interfaces:

  • End-user Mobile Application
  • Admin Mobile Application



  • Manage the percentage of commission per each transaction
  • Withdraw the amount wallet to a bank account
  • Create and block chat features with friends

Our Solution

Our team has successfully integrated the Chat feature with blocking functionality. We also added a feature to measure the percentage of commission for every transaction. Users can transfer the amount from wallet to their bank accounts.


User Features

  • Login with email and password
  • User sign up with the name, email, contact number, and password
  • Users can create their business profile by adding their business name, email, contact number, and social media profiles
  • In the “My Code” screen, the user can generate his unique code by completing his business profile then the user can see his unique code with the QR code
  • Users can search for friends by entering their code and sending them a friend request
  • In the wallet section, users can see their wallet balance, top-up amount, and pay the amount to friends
  • Payees can pay by scanning a friend’s QR code, entering a unique code, or selecting a friend from the list
  • Wallet balance can be top-up by credit or debit card
  • Users can withdraw an amount from their wallet and bank account
  • Users can see their friends’ profiles, block them and chat with them
  • Users are able to send messages like Texts, Images,  Documents, etc.
  • Users can receive all notifications about all transactions and friend requests

Admin Features (Web-based backend)

  • Login with email in the admin
  • Admin can view/ edit/delete/active/ inactive app users account
  • Admin can view/edit account/profile information of all app users
  • Admin can view a list of friends of each user
  • Admin can view Graph representation for each section like users, transaction history, commission, total revenue
  • Admin can search and filter among all sections to get the required results
  • Admin is able to set the percentage of commission per each transaction done by the app users
  • Admin is able to edit the transaction commission rate from this section
  • Admin able to  view wallet balance of each user
  • Admin able to view payment history of each user

Tech Stack



Node Js



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