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It was very difficult for many people at any given time to produce hundreds, even thousands of dollars to meet personal goals. The available options included going into debt by racking up the line of credit, borrowing from a high interest lender, or spending the only savings that have been saved for emergencies. VaPay was a concept introduced by Chris Nelson, which was intended to help people save for every purchase that would made on their debit or credit cards. VaPay app would round up each transaction to the nearest dollar and deposit it in a SAFE non-volatile savings account towards your next vacation or car or any personal goal.

The Challenge

  • Providing a secure way for conducting transactions on VaPay. Since users had to link their credit card and debit cards with the App, it was important to ensure that a high level of security is provided for all transactions.
  • In addition, all transactions that would be carried would have to be encrypted
  • Integrate service called plaid, which could retrieve all the banking statements and transactions into VaPay
  • Similarly, when an amount needs to be debited or credited, it had to be integrated with a payment gateway that would support VaPay

Our Solution

VaPay would be a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms in which users can review personal and business financial transactions, generate round in amount, set monthly recurring and manage other transactions as well through online banking credentials. This application will aim to save extra money from overall transactions in multiple ways (like Round In, Recurring and Quick Pay) and users can withdraw it anytime through an app. VaPay allows users to link this app with their online banking.


  • Support for 19000+ banks
  • Round off to the nearest dollar
  • Pause/approve round off transaction
  • Check pending/processed transaction
  • Setup recurring deposit transactions
  • Cancel recurring deposit transactions
  • Save more money along with round up purchase and recurring
  • Deposit particular amount to VaPay account using quick pay
  • Summary of all transactions like roundIn up, Quick Pay, and recurring
  • Check recurring and quick pay history like amount approved or pending
  • Withdraw their all saved money or part of saved money anytime
  • Money will be saved directly in VaPay account though mobile
  • Graph for saved amount with tracker screen

Tech Stack

xCode 6.4
with iOS 6



Android studio
with Android 4.0+


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