Project Type

Mobile Application

Industry Domain

Sports (Social Networking)


Client wanted to build a social app for golfers over the globe. The objective was to provide golfers, irrespective of their skill levels, with a robust online platform to connect and share their experiences. Another objective was to show the nearest golf courses from more than 20000 available courses. Users can see the nearest golf courses using the Golf Nearby feature. They can also use the app’s feature to find friends, accept/reject friend requests and see the list of friends.

Users can post images on their walls which can be seen by their friends. Users can add upcoming or past tee times events, can do text messages with their friends, and can see their friends’ public profiles. There is a feature called “Coupons & Discounts” in which from admin panel admin can add advertisements which will display on the screen. Also, they can create separate posts for those advertisements in Posts screen. Apart from advertisements, the admin can add a very large number of golf courses through an excel sheet in a web admin panel. Later admin can update or delete golf courses.

Developed in React Native, the app can run on 2 platforms seamlessly-

  • iOS Application
  • Android Application


  • The Golf Partners app has a base tab bar with side drawer navigation. Preparation of such a navigation layout takes some more time
  • We face many challenges while implementing redux in the application
  • Sometimes, we faced UI design-related challenges
  • Platform-related issues like location, device information, etc. where some of the features are working fine in one platform but not in other platforms
  • We use the native base to design UI, so in android, every button’s title is automatically displayed label with an Upper case character. So, for each button, we manually have to add a check to display normal text

Our Solution

We implemented redux in the application and resolved platform-related issues to ensure the seamless performance of the app on both platforms. To address UI design-related challenges while using native base for designing we manually checked the display of normal text in Android.


  • In Golf Partners, the User can search for available nearby partners, can send a friend request as well as user can see a list of requests received from other users, User can take action to accept or reject requests. Also, user can see their list of friends from that screen itself and can navigate to Messaging feature
  • Golf Nearby: Using the location of users, the application will receive a list of nearby golf courses in a radius of 100km. Users can also search for other golf courses. There is a map on the screen as well, So users can easily identify their current location and nearby golf courses. In the list of golf courses, the app displays the approx distance of the course from the current location
  • Posts are a kind of social networking feature where a user can create posts & those users’ friends can only see their posts. Users can like/Unlike, comment, delete & report a post
  • In Tee Times, users can create upcoming or past golf Tee Times events. Also, App has a calendar view where all users’ Tee Times are mapped. Users can update or delete Tee Times also
  • Messaging feature, For real-time user experience, messaging feature is designed with Socket where friends can only communicate with each other. For now, Text message support added. User can delete their own message and other users can report a message
  • Apart from that Golf app has other normal screens like Sign Up, Sign In, Forgot Password, User’s Profile, and Edit Profile

Tech Stack


VS Code


Android Studio

Mongo DB


Robo 3T

AWS Services


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