Significance of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

Jun 25th, 2021

Significance of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

A sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry and business across the world. But, this crisis has disrupted the healthcare sector the most, as the infection tends to increase by leaps and bounds. What’s more, the pandemic has pushed frontline healthcare workers to battle against the invisible virus that we have not known before. Here, healthcare app development can work wonders. 

Though digital transformation in healthcare is slower than financial, manufacturing, automotive, and other industry sectors, healthcare service providers have already started leveraging its benefits. 

Advancements in IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), VR healthcare, robotics, and other trends have brought a significant impact on the healthcare sector. These advancements not only bring automation in the sector but also assist healthcare professionals to improve their services.

We are going to discuss the impact of digital transformation solutions in the healthcare sector. Let’s start with a brief introduction to digital transformation in the healthcare industry. 

What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare Sector?

Digital transformation can pave the way for new tools, software, and technological advancements in the healthcare sector. Various healthcare organizations can make the most of digital transformation by opting for healthcare app development. 

For example, these organizations can develop a telemedicine app for implementing the concept effectively. The healthcare sector always puts patients at the center, and digital transformation solutions can assist the sector in enhancing treatment quality, improving analysis, and selecting medicines rapidly. 

Here are the key benefits of digital transformation in the healthcare industry. 

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Top Five Benefits of Digital Transformation Solutions in Healthcare Sector

Digital transformation solutions include advancements of emerging technologies to bring radical changes in healthcare services. Nowadays, medical centers and healthcare enterprises make strategies to leverage the following benefits of digital transformation through healthcare app development. 

Improved Patient Care Services

The Healthcare sector is patient-centric, and it is imperative for the industry to use advanced techniques for precise diagnosis and proper treatment. 

Improved Patient Care Services

The healthcare app development company can integrate numerous technologies into the app to enable healthcare service providers to offer more personalized treatment. 

Whether the patient is suffering from chronic disease or acute ailment, digital transformation can improve their experience by making patient care services more effective. 

Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis

Feature-rich healthcare apps can fetch the patient’s data from various connected devices, including wearables. Thanks to AI and ML technologies, healthcare organizations can analyze the data more effectively and get meaningful insights to make informed decisions quickly. Also, healthcare facilities can improve their internal services by minimizing human mistakes. 

Simply put, better analysis can lead to improving the staff’s efficiency and overall experience for patients.   

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Better Time Management

Digital solutions can save valuable time and effort in the healthcare industry. Physicians and staff can save numerous lives by having 24/7 access to the patient’s health data and a robust platform for real-time coordination. 

Better Time Management

Healthcare organizations can develop telemedicine apps with customized features to enable patients to communicate with doctors as and when necessary.

Better time management plays a vital role in handling emergency situations as well. In this pandemic age, many lives are being saved by providing treatment quickly and monitoring the patient’s situation closely.   

Anytime Access to Medical Records

Healthcare app development companies can utilize cloud computing and other advanced tools to digitalize health data. As a result, doctors can see and share the patient’s records anytime using their smartphones. Quick access to medical records enables doctors to make quick decisions to save the patient’s life. 

Also, doctors can share the patient’s data with fellow physicians for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Research-oriented Environment

These days, the thriving healthcare sector focuses more on research. Healthcare app development comes up with innovative, data-driven apps for supporting research while offering an excellent patient care experience. 

Research-oriented Environment

PlayThePain is a pain management app designed for patients with chronic pain. But, along with this, the app is aimed at gathering the data like the patient’s feelings and activities for research purposes. 

Digital transformation in healthcare can promote research and gives the sector an opportunity to enhance patient-related services. 

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Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare Sector

Telemedicine, medical IoT, Virtual Reality, and AI are some of the emerging trends that are going to transform the core processes and services of the healthcare sector. Let’s go through the impact of digital transformation in healthcare industry based on these trends. 


Gone are the days when patients had to call for scheduling appointments and then waited for a long time in the clinics or hospitals for their turn. When you develop a telemedicine app from a reputed mobile app development company, you can make the doctor-patient interaction simple, swift, and secure. 


Patients can easily communicate with doctors through a video or voice call and doctors can get seamless access to the patient’s health reports at any time. 

In the USA alone, around 90% of the respondents in a survey have revealed that they have either started planning or implementing the telemedicine system

Big Data Analytics

Big Data has brought transformational changes in the way we fetch, analyze, and manage data. Talking about the healthcare sector, big data analytics can enhance the quality of patient care services, reduce treatment costs, and predict outbreaks of diseases. 

With the feature-rich healthcare apps, healthcare organizations can get massive data every day, and Big Data can analyze them for providing meaningful insights. 

Healthcare organizations can make informed decisions and predict patient-related aspects for improving their services through Big Data. 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Medical IoT initiates a new era in the heavily regulated healthcare sector. It offers multiple benefits including improved disease management, remote monitoring of chronic diseases, reduced per-patient cost, and improved diagnosis. 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

IoT-enabled devices can keep patients healthy and physicians updated with the patient’s condition. With improved and efficient interaction with doctors, IoT in the healthcare sector can improve patient satisfaction. 

Apart from doctors and patients, the Internet of Medical Things technology is useful for hospitals and health insurance companies. Whether it is proper management or maintenance activities within the hospital or settlement of healthcare insurance, IoMT always remains helpful for the sector. 

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Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology is nothing short of a technological boon for the healthcare sector. VR can provide an immersive experience to the patients in a simulated environment. Patients can get a pleasant virtual experience that can help them recover soon. 

The healthcare sector will remain one of the biggest beneficiaries of VR app development. As per the GlobeNewsWire prediction, the VR healthcare market will reach $7 billion by 2026.  

Concluding Lines

The pandemic age has compelled healthcare organizations to make great strides toward digital transformation. From record-keeping to scheduling an appointment, and monitoring the patient’s vitals to sharing confidential health data- a robust healthcare app can achieve all these objectives effectively. 

In a nutshell, digital transformation in healthcare can assist medical facilities to provide more comprehensive patient care services with more efficiency. 

Solution Analysts is a renowned mobile app development company. We have an in-house team of experienced developers to provide the best-in-class mHealth app development services to healthcare organizations across the world. We assist hospitals and healthcare service providers to transform their patient care services digitally by making customized and feature-rich healthcare applications.  

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