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How a Mobile App can Empower Your Healthcare Business in 2021

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The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the thriving healthcare sector into prominence again. On one hand, people become more conscious of health and fitness to survive the pandemic phase, and on the other hand, technology lends a helping hand in making healthcare services accessible even to remote places. Concepts like Doctor on Demand and Telemedicine are gaining ground swiftly thanks to the rise of healthcare app development.

It is fair to mention that mobile app and healthcare go hand in hand for expanding their capabilities to make a better, healthier world. Back in 2013, we had just 97,000 mHealth apps available for download. This number has significantly increased over the period. As per the report received from Accenture, 74% of patients are satisfied with digital health, and this trend is here to stay.

  • Role of Customized Mobile Apps in Healthcare Industry

As technology evolves and the popularity of smartphones increases globally, mobile app development has become a game-changer in the healthcare sector. We can classify the scope of mobile health services into two categories-

• Healthcare System Related– It includes emergency response, healthcare surveillance, and other aspects that can improve the competence of healthcare professionals in offering patient care services.

• Patient Care Related– It includes wellness or well-being, prevention, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, and other patient-related touch-points.

Effective use of healthcare app technology enables healthcare organizations to provide excellent patient care services. As per the latest healthcare app development trends, emerging technologies including AR, AI, and IoT can be integrated into advanced mHealth solutions. Such apps make it easy for physicians to access the patient’s accurate data in real-time. Healthcare mobile apps revolutionize the way healthcare services are provided. The mobile app development company can make healthcare apps that can solve specific health-related problems or services.

Dedicated and cross-functional apps can perform various tasks including monitoring heart rate, exercise tracking, calorie counting, and dietary control. These apps can serve as a platform to manage general health and the user’s overall health condition. Also, healthcare apps can enable physicians to handle emergency or acute health conditions thanks to real-time connectivity and communication with patients.

Most of the mobile app development companies enable medical professionals or users to broaden the scope of apps with the integration of the patient’s information. Mobile healthcare apps can give real-time access to healthcare professionals about the patient’s critical information related to X-Rays, prescriptions, and images.

  • Top Benefits of App Development for Healthcare

Healthcare apps are all set to reach a market size of $60 billion by the end of 2025. Here are the top benefits of healthcare app development for the sector.

• Personalized Health Monitoring
Healthcare apps are designed to enable patients to monitor their health without any assistance. For example, the app users or patients can check some of the vital parameters like cholesterol level. Blood sugar level, blood pressure, and heartbeats using the app. Many health and fitness apps can act as a personal trainer and assist users to stay fit while keeping track of various aspects including sleeping cycle and calorie count.

The healthcare app development company can integrate different features and functionality according to the core objectives of the organization and the requirements of the target audience. For example, healthcare apps enable patients to save and share their health records with physicians for real-time consulting.

• Reduced Medical Expenses
Healthcare organizations can automate several tasks including scheduling appointments using the feature-rich healthcare apps. Healthcare expenditure is always frightening, and it is one of the reasons why the mortality rate in third-world countries is high.

Healthcare apps can easily replace the physical structure of the healthcare facility and reduce staffing while enabling the organization to save more on time and money. Also, healthcare apps can bring automation in various administration processes of the healthcare organization. It can save time and money.

Dedicated healthcare apps enable your staff to manage inventory and assets for quick and easy access. When the healthcare organization can reduce several expenses, they can pass on their savings to patients and it results in a reduction of medical expenses.

Mobile Healthcare Solutions – Top Challenges and How to Overcome Them

• Accurate Reports
The wrong diagnosis can cause a patient’s life in the healthcare sector. The healthcare apps can enable physicians to go through the patient’s EHRs (Electronic Health Records) anytime and they can share the same with other physicians for getting their views. In a way, there is a minimal chance of having a false diagnosis.

As compared to humans, machines are more accurate and efficient for offering the correct result. It also helps doctors perform their tasks in the best possible way and define the right way of treating the patient.

• New Models and Opportunities
Healthcare apps can bring new models and open the doors of new opportunities for the thriving healthcare sector. Let’s take an example of a telemedicine concept. Feature-rich mHealth app solutions can help healthcare organizations to implement this concept thereby increasing their reach to remote areas.

What’s more, doctors can stay connected with patients through video conferencing as and when necessary. It can strengthen the relationships between doctors and patients. It is easy to expand the reach of healthcare services using the apps and doctors can easily write resourceful referrals.

• Immediate Access to Services
Healthcare apps eliminate the need for doctors and patients for physical visits. Doctors can make digital visits as and when necessary, and patients can get access to various healthcare services immediately using the app.

Customized healthcare apps offer video and audio chat functionality to facilitate patients to talk about their issues with doctors. Immediate access to various medical services can make healthcare apps highly user-friendly.

• Expand Reach of Medical Services
Taking healthcare services to remote areas is quite a task. There, the healthcare app lends a helping hand. Hospitals are not present in rural or remote areas and their apps can serve as an online representative for patients to avail various healthcare facilities quickly. The healthcare app enables people to schedule an appointment and call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

Some of the features like Live Chat, push notifications, and communication channels like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth can make the healthcare app highly user-friendly.

  • Concluding Lines

Healthcare apps enable healthcare professionals to access the patient’s medical records from anywhere and anytime. Though the cost of healthcare apps is a tad higher than the same for other mobile apps, all these benefits completely justify the higher cost. You can consult a reputed app development company to build a dedicated app in line with the latest healthcare app development trends.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy