How Healthcare App Development benefits Startups

Nov 7th, 2019

How Healthcare App Development benefits  Startups

Healthcare sector is one of the most regulated sectors that has to comply with stringent standards given by local authorities and international organizations.

Apart from following all the rules, healthcare service providers have to face increasing competition while improving patient care services.

Healthcare startups particularly feel the heat. Even if they have a unique concept and experienced healthcare professionals on board, many times they fail to draw people’s attention. As a result, many healthcare startups struggle to survive.

There, a mobile application development company can lend a helping hand by integrating technological advancements in the customized mobility solution.

Here are a few important benefits of customized mobile apps for healthcare startups-

Healthcare Mobile App Development Benefits for Startups

The mobile application development company can offer the following benefits to healthcare startups and assist them to survive in the growing competition.

Help them reach in remote areas

The biggest challenge for startups is to reach a huge audience. Healthcare apps can serve this purpose effectively. Even patients who reside in far-flung areas can also get healthcare services thanks to feature-rich apps. From booking appointments to purchasing medicines online can be done without visiting the hospital through apps.

What’s more, patients can stay connected with the healthcare facility on a 24/7 basis through an app and get healthcare tips regularly through push notifications.

Assist healthcare professionals

Healthcare app development services are designed to assist the physicians and para-medical staff. Customized healthcare apps help doctors to get access to the patient’s data anywhere and anytime.

They can provide real-time assistance to the patients during an emergency condition. Patients, on the other hand, can also access the doctor’s prescription and medicinal records on a 24/7 basis.

Facilitate to grab new opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of healthcare app development for startups is it can open the doors of new opportunities and introduces startups with new business models.

Also, it is possible to generate revenue through app monetization tactics that can help startups to get ROI on their healthcare apps more quickly.

Reduce risks of human errors

When it comes to the healthcare sector, there is no room for a single mistake as all the services are revolving around human lives. One of the biggest risks associated with the sector is the wrong diagnosis. A few years back, incidents occurred in which patients lost their lives simply because of the wrong diagnosis.

When you build healthcare app for your startup, you can remain assured of diagnosis as technological advancements in the app can assist healthcare professionals to get accurate reports and case history. In a way, the chances of human errors get minimized.

Reduced expenses and overheads

Expensive medical facilities and gadgets can be replaced by advanced app features based on emerging technologies like AI and IoT.

Healthcare startups that have unique ideas but just hesitate to implement them because of budgetary constraints can leverage this advantage. Healthcare apps are designed to reduce various overheads and expenses by handling repetitive and administrative work through features like scheduling an appointment, storing case history, and saving lab test reports.

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Enable them to improve patient services

Improved patient care services can be a game-changer for startups. Healthcare apps with necessary features can increase the comfort and convenience of the patients and enable the startups to provide patient-focused services. In a way, the mobile app development company can help healthcare startups get an edge over their competitors.

It is fair to mention that as the mHealth technology market is ready to reach USD 60 billion by 2020, healthcare apps will play a crucial role and help startups to survive and thrive.

Build Healthcare App-Use Case

A group of four health care professionals in the USA has found the staffing change process cumbersome across the healthcare sector.

High fees to recruit assistants for temporary work at the healthcare center have created a mess in the healthcare sector, and many patients suffer as a result of not having access to sufficient health care services in their communities.

Locqum is founded as a solution to this problem. It is aimed at eliminating the excessive fees of the healthcare staffing system by providing a platform to both healthcare service providers and staffing organizations. Here, healthcare providers come together and join healthcare organizations at no cost and no commission.

The mission of Locqum to overhaul every community in the US with ‘no fee’ service can be achieved by a mobile app.

A thriving mobile platform and the current trend of searching almost everything on mobile devices have spread the Locqum app across the US, and gradually healthcare providers and organizations join this first healthcare job app.

This healthcare app has many features for job seekers and job providers in the healthcare sector. The job seeker account has the following main features-

• Job search
• Search Results/Job Listings
• Applied Jobs
• User Profile
• Signup, Login, and Logout

The employer account has the following features-

• Post a job
• Posted jobs
• User Profile
• Signup, Login, and Logout

All these features are available in the web frontend app also.

The admin panel is integrated into a web app to manage the operation. In a way, the Locqum app provides a great way to post or find jobs in the USA’s healthcare sector.


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