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We at Solution Analysts deliver high performance in every solution that we provide. Our mobile app development solutions cater to each and every need of the client and makes a mark with its unique execution along with the design which makes it stand out.

We've been building Native and Hybrid mobile apps for some of the best companies since 2011. Solution Analysts is a premier mobile application development company, providing mobile solutions to a global clientele on all the major mobile platforms.

Solutions we offer as Mobile App Development Company:

Our Mobile App Development Solutions makes daily life easier

Multiplatform Development

From Idea to Mobile App

  • Mobile App Consulting
  • Mobile Strategy & Ideation
  • Brand Manipulation
  • App Framework Development
  • Launch planning
  • App Management

UI/UX & Usability

  • App Prototype Design
  • Visual Design
  • Identity Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Engaging Experience

Tech Platform & Skills

Mobile Technologies

Let’s give you a glimpse into our mobile understanding and proficiency

Optical Character Recognition: The aim is to increase productivity and efficiency in the different enterprises. We need to automate the mundane tasks and increase the capability of the business. We integrate OCR to mobile solutions to make data more accurate and increase efficiency of your app.

Beacons: Location based targeting has become important for businesses. If you want to improve this targeting, you need to integrate the beacons. They help increase the accuracy of location targeting, thus increasing engagement and improving the overall awareness among the customers.

NFC: Asset utilization is becoming an important aspect of mobile apps along with increased security. With NFC integrated to your apps, you can deliver high-performance apps that aim to improve security.

Our Process of Development

Solution Analysts is ready to deliver you best technology solutions

App Strategy: Our team here consists of experienced product managers who have unparalleled expertise in handling large scale projects design and escalate the app idea, which is unmatched to other individuals. They design a strategy for your app to be a potential growth maker in the market.

App Designing: Our talented and skilled app designers work on designing a UI for the audience that makes an everlasting and positive impression on the users. The design is made quite unique, attractive and lucid for easy use.

App Development: The highly intensive-research based team work on implementing the latest technologies for developing an app for both Android as well as iOS environments, which unleashes the power of the most recent growth in this space.

App Maintenance: After we create the app, our team researches and works on existing content to provide and enrich the user experience. New features implementing new functionalities are updated and added to newer versions to enable the target audience to do much more with the app.

Glimpse of Our Mobile App Development Portfolio

We transform ideas into tangible entities with meaningful application. Let us hear your idea and together we can build something new.


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