Tele Medicine System

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Hardware Integration + Software Development
Industry Domain
As an online telemedicine solution, TMS gives flexibility to doctors to examine patients from a remote
location. This solution has two applications- Ambulance-end and Hospital-end. The ambulance-end
application has the functionality to stream live data
of various medical instruments to the Doctor-end
application. Whereas, the doctor’s end application
has a functionality to show the live data.
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The client, one of the biggest chains of healthcare organizations in the Middle East, wanted to come up with an advanced Telemedicine solution back in 2012. The majority of deaths occurred due to the delay in giving primary treatment to the patients especially during the casualty. The client wished to provide the primary treatment from the moment the ambulance reached the patient’s doorstep. Simply put, the client requires an inte grated telemedicine system consists of medical devices and advanced software for initiating emergency treatment quickly.

The Challenge

  • Media streaming using Red5 Server
  • Doctors or physicians can examine patients from a remote location
  • Red5 Server setup on Linux-based hosting for enabling streaming from multiple sources at once
  • Conversion of data into the meaningful format
  • User-friendly UI design for both applications
  • Red5-based Live Text Chat and Audio Chat

Red5 Server

Examine Patients

Conversion of Data

UI Design

Our Solution

TMS is one of the projects that give us a feeling of pride because we have developed a complex telemedicine-type of solution when only a few software development companies were working on the telemedicine concept globally.

We integrated a high-resolution camera used by dermatologists to enable doctors to see every single cell in the patient’s body. We also integrated other medical devices including an ultrasonic stethoscope, oximeter, and ECG with the system kept in the ambulance. The system captures the data from all these attached devices and sends it to doctors who sit at remote clinics.


The TMS solution has two separate applications. One is an Ambulance (Nurse)-end application and the other is a Hospital (Doctor)-end application. Top features include

Ambulance-end (Nurse) Application

  • ECG Streaming
  • Vital Sign Streaming
  • Stethoscope Audio Streaming
  • Ultra-sound Streaming
  • Medical Camera Streaming
  • Live Chat (Audio and Video)

Hospital-end (Doctor) Application

  • ECG receiving in HD
  • Vital Signs receiving in HD
  • Stethoscope Audio Receiver
  • Ultra-Sound Receiving in High-Defifinition
  • Medical Camera Receiving in High-Defifinition
  • Live Chat (Audio and Video)

Tech Stack Used


Flex SDK




Red5 Server


IDE-Flash Builde

IDE- Eclipse

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