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How to Choose IoT Application Development Company

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Selecting the right app development company is half the battle won since app quality is the major defining feature in its future success and failure. Also, having a good association with them will make it easier for future projects and also create confidence in both the client and development company.

Internet of Thing (IoT) is fast taking over the most complex to mundane activities performed by the average individual worldwide. It is already making big foray in countries with high GDP, where companies are automating tasks and government is proposing drafts to pay employees to stay at home. Choosing an IoT application development company can be a tricky task because, though IoT is prevailing, the technologies supporting it are still limited. Apple and Google are providing a range of IoT application ideas, but not all mobile devices are geared to agree to its commands. Furthermore, Apple especially, is still keeping the space tightly closed for its own applications.

Client’s Feedback and Review

Action speaks louder than words. This adage applies in every spectrum, and hence the most reputed and confident app development companies post client reviews and feedback in the testimonial page. In the discussion phase, you can ask the company a list of applications developed by them and even contacts of former clients to get direct feedback. A case study of completed projects can also be viewed to understand the processes and technologies.

Security of the App Idea

At the onset a confidentiality clause must be signed to ensure that the application idea will not be duplicated or stolen. Most application development companies are geared for such arrangement and will not misunderstand the move. Such an arrangement provides security both to the client and the application development company. Many features often get repeated as they are common to many apps under different contexts. It is in the best interest of both companies to ensure that there is no overlap of interests in the matter of ideas and execution.

Offers Out-of-the-box Services

The IoT spectrum is largely unexplored and similar utilities are being replicated by app development companies with some differentiating features. Hence, it is essential to sign up with a company that presents some unexplored avenues at the onset so that it gives clients a new dimension to think of, in which they can invest their capital for substantial profits. Most app development companies offer similar bouquet of services. You can opt for a company that will align its service offering to the needs of the project in terms of –

  • Application ownership model – If the application will be built on profit-sharing basis or through payment of one time fees
  • Involvement in app development
  • Post-app development services, such as market testing, launch, and app marketing

Deeper involvement of the app development company in the project will translate into greater interest in the application since they have higher interests at stake.

Design Standards

Leading application marketplaces including Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, have their own unique set of standards that the application has to meet in order to feature in their store. These standards cover intricate requirements needed to ensure that the application’s design is aligned with the requirements of the operating system’s ecosystem. It is also placed to ensure ergonomic interface so that the app is end-user friendly. Clients must specify their own standards too as their company’s other products’ success and failure will be linked to performance of every application they release. Hence, besides the performance aspect, a design standard must be set in such a manner that when a new user opens an app they can immediately associate it with its developers. This creates brand association and recall, and makes it easier to market future products.

Trusted QA and testing Measures

It is highly recommended to confirm that the app development company follows the international guidelines for QA and Testing. Since the application will be launched on a global platform at its inception, failure in any part will imply failure in all parts. Also, mobile app markets are highly particular about quality standards of applications being submitted. Testing must be done at every stage and highest QA measures must be ensured as quality of the application will be associated with quality of all applications being launched by the development company.


A major prerequisite in finalising an app development company is the infrastructure capacity. If they do not have the complete infrastructure for developing the application from end-to-end, they will either outsource or try to build the application minus the features that require better infrastructure. Outsourcing will imply breach of confidentiality and/or higher development costs. Hence, a complete recce must be done of the app development company before finalising the project with them. Assessing the infrastructure on firsthand basis also presents an opportunity to speak with the development team on a one-on-one basis. This way, a rapport can be built with them which will help in future communication of requirements in the project.

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