Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Enhances Value

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Enhances Value

At Solution Analysts, we have assisted many companies to leverage the benefits of IoT technology through our 360-degree app solutions.

Our Internet of Things App Development Services

As a reputed IoT app development company, we offer end-to-end app development services for different connected devices.

Wearable App Development
Wearable App Development

At Solution Analysts, our team of experienced wearable app developers works diligently to meet the ever-changing consumer expectations and market trends. Our wearable app development services can fulfill your business requirements effectively while helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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iBeacon App Development
iBeacon App Development

Based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacons can make communication easier. As a leading app development company, Solution Analysts can build, customize, and deliver proximity-based iBeacon apps to leverage the benefits of localization. We are your trusted iBeacon app development partner with an in-house team..

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Chatbot Development
Chatbot Development

You can improve customer support services and give human-like responses to the customer’s queries with the help of chatbot development. Our chatbot development services are designed to make your enterprise app highly advanced and more customer-centric using automated

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Customized Smart Home System

Our tailored smart home systems are based on the IoT concept and are capable of providing users with the ultimate experience.

Bespoke Smart Energy Monitoring

We build smart energy solutions from scratch to take care of your home, power sources, and assets by minimizing the risks associated with human errors.

Smart Fleet Solution

Our customized smart fleet management solution enables fleet owners to monitor their vehicles in real-time. Here are its three aspects to consider-

Asset Monitoring Solution

You can monitor assets and their performance through an integrated view on the interactive dashboard. We develop a custom IoT-based asset monitoring solution. 

Go IoT Way! Go Smart!

As a reputed IoT app development company, Solution Analysts can develop top-notch IoT apps for our tech-savvy clients who have already implemented an IoT system in their workplace.

We Offer Best IoT App Development Services across Various Industries

Our customized IoT apps assist various industry sectors to boost productivity and efficiency while making the most of available data.

Case Studies

Habari By GT Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC also known as GTBank is a Nigerian multinational financial institution, that offers online/internet banking, retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and asset management services. It is well known in the financial sector for its spear heading technological advancements in the African market, and capitalizing on new trends to be able to achieve sustainable growth.

Case Studies

Ally – Remote Assistance Platform for Industrial Use.

Ally is a purpose-built remote assistance app based on AR technology that enables companies involved in heavy and complex machinery/equipment to connect, engage, and collaborate efficiently with machine experts and deliver the desired outcome. This real-time remote assistance solution can assist enterprises to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability while enhancing their brand value and reducing expert visitation cost and time.

Case Studies

eNetra - An Electronic Eye For
The Visual Impaired.

Nothing is more precious for visually-challenged people than something that assists them to recognize people, things, and colors around them. E-Netra app is an IoT based health-tech based app designed to illuminate the lives of blind people and assist them to gain social standing and respect while living a normal life. eNetra is not just another mobile app and wearable device for the blind, it is the realization of a vision to enhance the quality of lives of visually-impaired people with the combination of IoT, AI and other advanced assistive technology.

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