IoT and Mobile App Development Services- Unleash the Potential of Futuristic Technology

Feb 19th, 2019

IoT and Mobile App Development Services- Unleash the Potential of Futuristic Technology


It all started in 1982 when IoT started bringing automation in the business processes. Today, this revolutionary concept is getting mainstreamed across different industry sectors rapidly. It is expected that we will have around 30 billion objects with the market value of over $7 trillion by the year 2020. Such a huge number wants robust support of feature-rich IoT mobile apps as people want to control the IoT network on the move.

The corporate world wants to leverage all the benefits of the IoT concept. There the reliable IoT application development company can lend a helping hand. It is fair to mention that mobile apps are a more flexible, scalable, and customizable way to integrate IoT-related features than web apps. Also, mobile apps remain more convenient and cost-effective to control the enterprise IoT network.

In coming years, we can expect that mobile apps will play a huge role in controlling and expanding the IoT network in the workplace. It is easy to store and share the critical data while remaining connected with a different set of devices for a tailored mobile app. In other words, many IoT benefits can be readily leveraged with the help of IoT-oriented mobile applications. Here are a few sectors that can make the most of a thriving IoT technology through an app.

  • Biggest Beneficiaries of IoT

Homes and Cities
You may wonder why are homes and cities given a preference here? Well, many homeowners across the world have already made their life cozy and comfortable with the smart home approach. It is easy to control and operate AC, lights, and security devices with the help of IoT-based smart home solutions. Let’s take a real-life example: A smart homeowner can turn lights and AC on or off as per the need through a mobile app on the move.

What’s more, the users can keep a watch on their homes from remote places thanks to IoT technology. Similarly, the smart city concept also gains ground swiftly in which the IoT network is set to rule the city.

As per Tractica forecast, the total shipment of wearable devices is going to reach 560 million by the year 2021. The growing popularity of wearables in individuals, as well as industry sectors is one of the major reasons why wearable app development becomes a part of mobile application development services.

Today, we use smart watches, bands, and other wearable devices. They have connected devices and the customized mobile app acts as a bridge between two or more devices through exchanging data. In the coming years, wearables are expected to integrate in the office environment and IoT technology will control it with the assistance of a mobile app.

From telemedicine to online diagnosis, the healthcare sector seems to rely heavily on IoT technology. It is possible to treat patients from remote areas through an online system based on the IoT network. The recent report from has revealed that the IoT market share for the healthcare segment is expected to reach $117 billion by 2020. Mostly, the IoT concept will focus on chronic disease management, preventive care, and clinical monitoring in remote areas. Even the dosage of medicine can be also set through connected devices.

In the coming time, we can also expect that the number of people who visit the doctor for common ailments will be significantly decreased as they will use connected medical devices. The data will be accessible on customized IoT apps. In a way, both health professionals and patients can access to the patient’s health data on the move with ease.

The retail sector is thriving and the brick-and-mortar stores also utilize the technological advancements to attract more customers. IoT devices help retailers improve customer experience by providing them with personalized services.

Many physical retailers tend to hire IoT app developers to facilitate their customers with smart transportation. It is easy to track and optimize the route of the fleet with IoT devices powered by GPS. Such devices gather data on real time and the app users or customers can access them through customized mobile apps. It can enhance efficiency and productivity while building a trust factor among the customers.

The ever-increasing food demand across the world needs robust assistance from technology. IoT can help the farmers to implement smart farming where there is no waste of resources like water, electricity, and fertilizers. Farmers can keep the watch on their crop through sensors. They can monitor the situation at their farm on mobile devices with the help of IoT app solutions and manage humidity, wetness, and other necessary aspects.

IoT is all set to take agriculture to the next level by facilitating the farmers to track and manage every farming-related activity through their fingertips

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  • Top Benefits of IoT-based Mobile Application

Here are the major benefits of IoT mobile app for your business:

> Customizable- An enterprise-grade IoT mobile app is easy to customize. It means that you can readily address the changing requirements of your business and face the challenges more effectively. The mobile app fills the gap between the IoT network and connected devices while providing complete control to the users.
> Integration- This is one of the biggest benefits of an IoT concept. It can be easily integrated with other futuristic technologies like AR, VR, and ML. It means that you can leverage the benefits of advancements from these technologies. Be it incorporation of features or seamless integration with the business system, the IoT network, and a dedicated app never let your business down.
> Convenience- IoT is a name synonymous with comfort and convenience. The app users can experience improved convenience as they can control the entire system with their fingertips in a hassle-free way. The IoT-focused app also provides other app-related features like real-time notification and social media integration.
> Target audience- If you want to address a niche audience, you can do so with customized IoT mobile app solutions.
> Security- The IoT technology offers enhanced security for personalized data. It can prevent the company’s data from going into the wrong hands. In a way, you can increase your customers’ trust and build a loyal customer base.

Well, that’s not all. You can contact the mobile app development company to know several other benefits of IoT-based mobile apps.

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Concluding Remarks
In a nutshell, IoT is all set to drive the future of mobile app development and ready to take the businesses to the next level. When it comes to bringing comfort and convenience through automated processes at the workplace, IoT always remains at the center stage. Apart from these benefits, an IoT mobile app can give a competitive edge to your business.

Do you want to hire IoT app developers for your next app project? Do you want the next-gen IOT app for your business? Let’s connect and discuss. Just send us an email on and we’ll get back to you soon.

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