How IoT and Chatbots will Transform Mobile App Development in 2019

Jan 16th, 2019

How IoT and Chatbots will Transform Mobile App Development in 2019


Remember Duolingo? What is the secret of a huge success of this language learning app? The obvious answer is- chatbots. In the recent years, chatbots have scaled new heights in establishing interaction and communication with humans. Customized chatbots are emerging as complementary to humans everywhere. As per the report of Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is expected to cross $1.23 billion by the year 2025.

Another emerging technology is, well, we cannot consider it emerging any more as it has already strengthened position across various industries and cities in a couple of years. Yes, your guess is right! It’s IoT. The Statista report has predicted that the consumer spending on IoT will cross $1494 billion by 2020. From smart city to smart workplace, IoT seems set to rule in the year 2019 and beyond.

In this post, we will see how IoT and chatbots are bringing revolutionary changes in traditional mobile app development services.

Let us start with chatbots.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that chatbots are ready to perform day-to-day business operations in the near future. For example, many large and mid-size industries have their call centers to get quick feedback and offer a rapid resolution of queries to the existing customers. Now, chatbots can bring automation in the entire process while making it more customer-friendly, engaging, and quick.

Here are the reasons why chatbots are the future of mobile apps.

Ease of installation and integration
Though we can mention a number of reasons why mobile apps should integrate chatbots, here are the two most important ones. Bots can be readily integrated and installed in the custom mobile app solution. The app users can also use the bot straightway to start chatting. There is no need for any additional software to run the bot in your business app.

Make the most of messaging apps
Chat or text messaging is one of the most loved features of a mobile app. Chatbots can make the messaging app more attractive. As a feature, the chatbot can be readily integrated and enhance the messaging feature of the custom business mobile app. It is also possible to prepare chatbots for handling any situation.

Cost-effective and powerful tool
Though chatbots can perform in line with the business requirements, they are cost-effective in building and integrating into the mobile app. Chatbots can make mobile apps more powerful and interactive at relatively low cost. It is fair to mention that chatbot development and integration is cheaper than the development of a custom IM app.

Social media linking is possible
Bots can be linked with the user’s social media accounts as well. Slack is an example of it. When one of the team members installs it, it gets added to the accounts of other members, so that everyone can use it.

The chatbots can play a significant role in engaging customers in B2C business apps especially in the eCommerce and retail sectors.

It’s turn of IoT now. Let’s go through how a tailored IoT app development solution can enable the enterprises to leverage the benefits of this concept.

From machinery to medicines, and retail to realty- every sector can avail the benefits of a thriving IoT approach. The IoT ecosystem can manage large working areas and complex processes through a network of connected devices, sensors, and mobile connectivity. IoT mobile apps have made it possible to control complex operations with a few clicks. Also, the in-built sensors can collect valuable data to open the doors of new opportunities.

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The IoT-based mobile app bridges the gap between the connected devices and the users. In recent years, IoT has mainstreamed across different industry sectors because of these reasons.

1. Cloud-based operations- To enable the management to perform actions quickly from anywhere

2. Seamless integration with enterprise mobility- To facilitate entrepreneurs to control the system with a few clicks on smart devices

3. The combination with multiple connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.- To enable the company to take necessary action even without the Internet

4. Data collection through sensors- To gather valuable data for enabling the company to make informed decisions

The IoT-enabled mobile apps can assist enterprises to bring automation and convenience. The following example can clear the matter.

Earlier, guests needed a key or an access card to enter a hotel room after booking. Here, the hotel’s app with IoT-related features can work wonders. It eliminates the need of keeping the room key or card. The guest can simply open the hotel app and open the doors of their booked room with a few clicks. We will come across many such use cases in the coming years as the IoT concept will become prevalent.

Though IoT app development faces challenges like safeguarding the data, ever-changing requirements, and longer development time, it has started gaining ground across the world for a plethora of business benefits. The IoT-based app can perform multiple tasks with ease by integrating a few high-end features like

– CMS (Content Management System)
– Payment Gateway
– Geolocation
– Data Encryption
– Third-party API

In a nutshell, customized IoT app solution can address diverse business requirements and help companies offer improved customer services. It is one of the most efficient ways to serve the objectives of IoT implementation in the workplace. As more companies tend to establish an IoT infrastructure, the mobile app will remain a tool to manage it.

Wrapping Up

Both IoT and chatbots will drive the future of mobile apps. The mobile app development company needs to embrace them for building interactive and robust app solutions. In the coming years, when enterprises will start relying more upon these emerging trends, the app development domain needs to provide a powerful platform. Till then, the mobile app developers remain busy in exploring huge opportunities offered by IoT and AI.

Since inception, we have set standards in bringing automation at the workplace by developing high-end mobile app solutions. Our mobile app development services are capable of integrating the advancements of futuristic technologies like AI, VR, AR, and IoT. We can come up with innovative app solutions for your business. Just connect with us at and get technical assistance to take your business to next level.

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