How Mobile Apps Boost Enterprise Digital Transformation Efforts

Jun 21st, 2021

How Mobile Apps Boost Enterprise Digital Transformation Efforts

Enterprise digital transformation is not just a phrase, it is a necessity for modern companies. Irrespective of sector,  size, and business model, your company needs digital transformation to thrive in this pandemic age and beyond. 

But then, transforming processes is a herculean task, and you may find it difficult to offer digital services as per your customers’ demands. Here, mobile app development services come into the picture. 

Digital transformation strategy involves two fundamental elements- adaptability and portability. Thanks to enterprise app development, you can easily address both these elements. A feature-rich business mobile app can automate core processes and establish effective communication to assist you to achieve the objectives of digital transformation. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the impact of enterprise application development on business. But, before moving forward, we will go through some interesting mobility stats and major benefits of digital transformation. 

Interesting Facts showing the Power of Mobile Apps

  • People use 57% of digital media through apps
  • Every smartphone user installs over 80 apps, and out of which they use 40 apps every month on an average
  • 21% of Millennials visit a mobile app over 50 times a day

These stats show the potential of a mobile app to take your business to a new level. It is a major reason why entrepreneurs jump on the enterprise app development bandwagon in recent times. Apart from promoting business and bringing automation, a feature-rich app can enable you to bring enterprise digital transformation into the workflow. 

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Top Business Benefits of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can reshape the core processes of your company. Its big benefits include

More Efficiency

One of the main objectives of digital transformation is to bring automation into the core processes. It leads to higher efficiency and lower workforce requirements. In a way, companies can save a lot of bucks. 

Improved Decision-making

Digital transformation enables enterprises to make informed decisions by providing actionable insights. Effective data fetching and analysis can give more productive and precise information. 

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Enterprise digital transformation aims at giving access to actionable information based on superior data analysis. Companies can provide enhanced customer experience based on these insights. 

Higher Reach

Digital transformation solutions can open the doors of the omnichannel presence of your business. Your customers can access your services or products across various devices with ease, and as a result, you can increase the reach of your company. 

It’s time to discuss the role of mobile app development in transforming the processes of your company. Usually, enterprise mobile apps are useful to meet the challenges of digital transformation including changed organizational structure, improvements in operations and customer experience, and integration of technological advancements.

Simply put, an enterprise app development company can assist the transformation process to address various challenges while executing the roadmap around people, process, and technology. 

Mobile app development or mobility plays a vital role in digital transformation. This graph shows its increasing influence over the period in the US digital transformation market. 


Let’s dig deep into the ways through which customized business apps can play an active role in the 360-degree digital transformation of modern companies. 

How Enterprise App Development Supports Digital Transformation Efforts

Mobile apps can transform businesses of modern enterprises effectively. Here are four ways advancing technologies and mobile app development impact the digital transformation of the company. 

Streamlining of AI 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has full potential for various domains of the corporate sector including marketing and customer services. It can increase productivity and operational efficiencies significantly.

Streamlining of AI 
These days, a reliable AI app development company can integrate technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing), speech recognition technology, biometrics, and chatbots to enhance customer experience and improve security. 

Talking about AI’s role in digital transformation, businesses can make the most of this emerging technology by building innovative and feature-rich apps. 

AI not only assists companies to bring automation into the processes but also enables them to make informed decisions based on predictive analytics. Companies can serve customers as per their expectations effectively using AR-based mobile app solutions. 

Analyzing Data in Real-time

Enterprise application development for business enables your company to stay ahead of the curve by integrating real-time analytics. Mobile apps can fetch the user’s data while making them engaged through notifications and other features.

The user’s app journey can bring valuable data for the companies and the data analytics can give better insights based on this journey. 

What’s more, companies can use real-time analytics to know the performance of their teams and analyze overall productivity along with a first-hand view of the problems in achieving various tasks. As a result, companies can make decisions in advance to avoid any delay or instances of missing deadlines. 

Rise of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has gone beyond its traditional use for showcasing products and sharing information. These days, mobile app development companies explore the roles of IoT for strengthening digital transformation efforts. 

Rise of IoT

Companies that have an existing IoT network at the workplace can have better control with the help of customized IoT-based apps. 

Customized IoT mobile apps can operate, manage, and control smart connected devices in offices. Entrepreneurs can make their supply chains more efficient and transparent with the help of IoT-powered apps. Though IoT mobile app development is in the nascent stage, it has shown a great potential for implementing IIoT in various sectors.  

Higher Portability

Portability enables employees to work at their convenience. Though this aspect seems less important in the short term, it has a significant impact in the long term. Portability enables companies to give their employees the space to work at their convenient time and location. In this pandemic age, portability is a blessing of technology. 

Portability can boost your employees’ creativity and you can get higher productivity. Portability will enable your enterprise to let employees work remotely and expand the boundaries of their business. 

Concluding Lines

Enterprise app development has a lot of scope for modern enterprises. Mobility has immense potential and high capability for strengthening digital transformation efforts. All you need to analyze the operations and workflows for understanding the requirements and objectives for transformation. 

An enterprise app development company can assist you to make an effective strategy for digital transformation using the advancements of mobility. 

Solution Analysts is a renowned mobile app development company. Our in-house team of experienced app developers can assist you to transform all the core processes digitally through advanced and feature-rich solutions. We build customized solutions for global corporate clients across different industry sectors. 

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