Leading Native App Development Company

Leading Native App Development Company

At Solution Analysts, our experienced native app developers transform key processes digitally while enabling you to grow your business through a user-friendly native app.

Native App Development Services

Modern enterprises have many opportunities to evolve and expand their operations. A seamlessly-performing native mobile app can simplify complexities and facilitate entrepreneurs to come up with feature-ready apps.

At Solution Analysts, we have an in-house team of native app developers who can build customized native apps for bringing automation and transforming business processes digitally.  

Our Services We Offer in Native App Development

Our native app development services are designed to bring automation and transformation in complex operations. We build robust app solutions for various industry sectors including manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, and hospitality.


Google Play Store has millions of apps across various genres. It compels Android app developers to build unique apps with advanced features to stay ahead of the curve. We offer the best-in-class Android app development services.


Apple’s iOS platform comes with advanced, enterprise-friendly features with every new version. We, at Solution Analysts, have an in-house team of experienced iOS app developers who can transform your creative ideas into a stunning app.


Xamarin is a robust and open source framework for developing high-performance apps for iOS, Android, tvOS, macOS, and watchOS with desired features. You can hire Xamarin developers to build a feature-rich cross-platform app.

Case Studies

Notary Cam

NotaryCam is a user-friendly, feature-rich application to enable people to notarize documents online. It is a convenient way to get connected with a notary online to simplify the notary process.

Case Studies

I Know The Winemaker

The client approached us with the need for an online platform where wine lovers can purchase their favorite wines or newly launched wines without having any hassles of a traditional wine-purchasing approach. The website offers subscription-based wine purchase access to users. Every wine listed on the website is highly popular in the community of wine lovers and highly rated, reviewed, and/or likely sold at an auction.

Case Studies


Everbadge is a mobile ad serving platform like Google AdMob. This web-based platform is highly complex and robust that can handle over 5000 requests a second. It is useful for managing mobile advertisement data and tracking and performance of advertising.

Case Studies

Movie Grade

Movie Grade is an app that recommends movies to users based on their personal choice. Unlike traditional critique-based review apps, Movie Grade keeps the user’s interest at the core.

Case Studies


The client approached us to build this highly forward-looking, robust social networking app in 2013.

Case Studies


The client approached us with a requirement of developing a gamifification platform for rappers. The client wanted to come up with a multiplayer application for both Android and iOS platforms.

Case Studies

TMS - Tele Medicine System

The client, one of the biggest chains of healthcare organizations in the Middle East, wanted to come up with an advanced Telemedicine solution back in 2012. The majority of deaths occurred due to the delay in giving primary treatment to the patients especially during the casualty. The client wished to provide the primary treatment from the moment the ambulance reached the patient’s doorstep. Simply put, the client requires an inte grated telemedicine system consists of medical devices and advanced software for initiating emergency treatment quickly.

Case Studies

ITU - Telehealth Solution

ITU is an IT division of the United Nations that wanted to make a communication and help tool or a mobile app for on-field doctors to treat EBOLA virus in Africa and assist remote health workers. The concept was to enable field workers or on-field doctors to get the real-time assistance after spotting the problem, and start primary treatment before sending the patient to hospital.

Case Studies


The sole objective of this fitness app is to guide and motivate the users to they can perform workouts regularly at home or at the gym. The client contacted us to make a robust workout cum personal fitness instructor app that can create workout plans as per the user’s requirements. These workout plans can be classified into four categories- Gain Mass, Get Lean, Build Strength, and Develop Power.


Case Studies

Habari By GT Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC also known as GTBank is a Nigerian multinational financial institution, that offers online/internet banking, retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and asset management services. It is well known in the financial sector for its spear heading technological advancements in the African market, and capitalizing on new trends to be able to achieve sustainable growth.

Case Studies

Ally – Remote Assistance Platform for Industrial Use.

Ally is a purpose-built remote assistance app based on AR technology that enables companies involved in heavy and complex machinery/equipment to connect, engage, and collaborate efficiently with machine experts and deliver the desired outcome. This real-time remote assistance solution can assist enterprises to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability while enhancing their brand value and reducing expert visitation cost and time.

Case Studies

eNetra - An Electronic Eye For
The Visual Impaired.

Nothing is more precious for visually-challenged people than something that assists them to recognize people, things, and colors around them. E-Netra app is an IoT based health-tech based app designed to illuminate the lives of blind people and assist them to gain social standing and respect while living a normal life. eNetra is not just another mobile app and wearable device for the blind, it is the realization of a vision to enhance the quality of lives of visually-impaired people with the combination of IoT, AI and other advanced assistive technology.


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