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iBeacon Solutions - Serve your customers with a personalized user experience using iBeacon App Development

iBeacon was introduced by Apple Inc to enable a new way of exploring locations and unlimited opportunities of interactivity between iOS devices and iBeacon Hardware. It has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled hardware with a core functionality of determining proximity and locations of nearby iOS devices. iBeacon gives a superior level of personalization and user experience to connect with nearby iOS devices.

iBeacon apps are the perfect solution for one-to-one user interaction. Solution Analysts provides iBeacon app development for small, medium and large enterprises. We have already developed more than 13 iBeacon applications for various enterprises, and feature among the leading iBeacon App Development Company. We provide personalized iBeacon Solutions for Enterprises across the globe.

iBeacon Solutions for Enterprises, Brands & Retailers, which include :

  • Enterprise-Grade Mobile
    Engagement Solutions
  • Indoor Positioning & Navigation
  • In-Store Marketing Solution
  • iOS & Android Devices Support
  • Cloud Support for Geo-Fencing,
    Content & Targets
  • Location & Proximity Solutions
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Real-Time Insights & Analytics

For Brands & Retailers

Deliver experience to personalized in-store shopping experience that will enrich the shopping experience.

Engage shopper’s in-store
Reduced human intervention
Contextual messages & promotions
Shopping Lists Reminders
Earn Incremental Revenue

For Venues & Events

Maintain complete control the airspace of your business

  • Amplify Exhibitions &
    Concerts Space Experience
  • Interactive Event Walkthrough
  • Identify Nearby Objects
  • Reward Your Biggest Fans
    & Attendees
  • Real-Time Navigation
  • Auto Ticketing & Validation

We deliver iBeacon App Development Services for various industries like

  • Business Operations
  • Information
  • Location Finding
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Incorporate Solution Analysts IoT Solutions into your business to take customer interaction to an intimate level, making individual customers feel that they matter to your business. Focus on your core business with our best-in-class digital to physical channel to enhance location and proximity functionality.

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