State-of-the-Art Emerging Technology Services

State-of-the-Art Emerging Technology Services

At Solution Analysts, we stay updated with advancing technology and keep on integrating innovative features based on emerging technologies like AR, VR, AI, IoT, and ML.

Emerging Technology Services

Emerging technologies is an umbrella term that covers relatively new but highly powerful technologies to help companies achieve the most complex business objectives. We, at Solution Analysts, believe in bringing technology enablement for our corporate clients. Our best-in-class emerging technology services are designed to offer the benefits of advancing technology to our clientele through innovative apps and web solutions. We have identified five strategic areas as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Emerging Technologies We Work In

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Blockchain Development

A distributed electronic ledger known as Blockchain has immense potential for the future. It uses software algorithms to record and confirm online transactions. However, its role beyond transactions and cryptocurrencies is now apparent across various industry sectors. Our experienced developers can make customized apps by integrating advancements of Blockchain technology for various industry sectors including healthcare, retail, banking, and eCommerce.


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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) can provide immersive experience and B2C business models find this technology highly useful. While connecting with VR, it gives the rich experience of both real and virtual world. We build AR apps for various industry sectors including retail and real estate. At Solution Analysts, our experienced AR app developers can build customized AR apps for enterprises, which can be widely used for interactive marketing, training, and communications.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can bring simulation of real and virtual worlds and B2C businesses can remain big beneficiaries of this technology. The technology is getting mainstreamed in various sectors quickly eanbles the company management to transform customer experience while improving empowerment of employees. Along with AR, virtual reality (VR) technology can drive innovation and add business value while attracting more people toward your business.

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Artificial Inrtelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence technology enables certified professionals to implement neural networks in the app or business system, so that when the business gets too complex, AI can easily handle such business processes. We build futuristic apps for various industries by integrating the features based on this revolutionary technology.  We assist our clients to bring automation and transformation in processes through customized, feature-rich AI apps.

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Machine Learning

AI and ML (Machine Learning) are two biggest drivers of hyper automation. Our ML-based apps can fetch the data including the user’s shopping pattern, payment behaviors, and the like from connected devices. Built-in ML-based features in the app can generate actionable insights to facilitate entrepreneurs to made meaningful decisions in real-time. The ML technology, together with AI can increase productivity and efficiency while automating business processes.

Best Emerging Technologies Services across Various Industries

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