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Wearable Technology for Smart Healthcare System

Wearable Technology, Wearables

Wearable technology is experiencing rapid adoption in the healthcare industry with its industry-wide application. Nike first introduced the health monitor watches that were adopted with great enthusiasm by fitness enthusiasts. Mobile applications focusing on tracking fitness and health such as pedometer or health monitor have enjoyed success in the Smartphone’s and tablet space. Google Eye, Apple’s iWatch have expanded the usability and application of these apps as wearers can monitor their health on the go.

Monitoring Patients with Wearable

Doctors and hospitals whole-heartedly employed the merits of digital technology in the form of enterprise mobile apps for monitoring patients, viewing their reports and saving them in patient history. With wearable devices, the scope further widens, especially in the case of chronic illnesses where doctors can set monitors on patients to gauge their intake, their exercises and lifestyle in real-time to arrive at a suitable prognosis. On the upside, patients can no longer accidentally omit information, on the flip-side, it will become imperative to ensure patients wear the device at all times. Another advantage will be that patients will not have to be admitted in the hospital for observation as this can be done remotely and it will alter the entire doctor-patient communication.

Cloud and the Wearable

As data storage is migrating to the cloud, healthcare providers will find it easier to access patient data on the go and patients can also be kept in loop through their individual accounts from which they can access their reports. It will be easier to file claims on insurance too.

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Time and Cost Efficiency

Wearable technology is built on the foundation of a dynamic cloud technology the resiliency and availability of cloud, coupled with easy accessibility of wearable device leads to a cost-effective and time-efficient solution. With correctly designed and executed compliance and security measures, the system can be considered foolproof.

Patients and their Wearable Devices

With the data generated on the wearable device, patients can track their health statistics in the real-time. In many cases, a visit to the doctor’s clinic can be avoided with on-call check-ups, self-medication or adopting preventive measures. Wearable devices currently provide functions for tracking heart rate, BP levels, sugar levels, sleeping patterns, medications, fitness activities among other things. Mobile applications with such features are already popular; with wearable device their functionality and convenience will be further augmented.

One of the first forays of wearable technology in the market was to provide streamlined Health And Fitness Apps solutions; their application is going to increase further. The aim of the technology industry at the moment is to create cost-effective wearable device and mobile applications to increase its reach.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy