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Making location and storage irrelevant for your mobile with cloud technology

Cloud Technology, Internet of Things, IoT, Mobile Apps

Cloud technology has arisen as a big solution to address the problems of data storage and retrieval at will for major enterprises, working professionals and individuals in their personal capacity. In the era to mobile revolution, many preferred to store their documents in their emails as attachments for protecting their files, creating easy access across devices and to save storage space. Websites such as created a cloud space for storing photos and videos and Dropbox created a stir with the cloud storage facility it offered.

From Desktop to Mobile

As mobile devices got fully attuned with the internet, it was a natural extension for cloud data storage services to be available on this platform as well. The only restriction would have been the interface, which was easy to align and adapt as document readers were available on the platforms. So, now for all business and personal use Dropbox, Google Drive, Picasa and other cloud storage services are available for mobile devices, making data even more fluid. Apart from this, Smartphone hardware and software manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft are offering their own cloud services for users. So, while Google users already had Google Drive, now Apple users can avail iCloud and Windows Phone enthusiasts have One Drive.

Cloud and the Changing Face of Technology

While Cloud technology has adapted to the emerging technologies, hardware devices are also rapidly adapting to the freedom and constraints of cloud computing. For instance, the GB numbers are mostly irrelevant for the device as most of the data can be stored on Cloud, the only need of in-device storage would be essential applications. Some of the changes that are occurring and foreseen include –

  • The desktop will most likely become obsolete as hands free interaction will become widespread and gamers to business personnel will just use gestures that will be interpreted by 3-D camera and infrared detection system.
  • Seamless integration of all devices – the Smartphone, tablet, wearable device, laptop and other internet-enabled device for data storage, access, sharing and continuing tasks.
  • Rapid application development will be possible through seamless integration of app content across devices and platforms.
  • Global and hyperlocal markets will be open to all through easy data access and interpretation. So, the international aspirations of small businesses will be met as easily as that of large businesses.
  • Security will continue to be a major point of concern, but smart systems will evolve rapidly for secure cloud storage and data will be safer online than on the device.
  • Cloud technology coupled with Internet of Things poses immense possibilities and avenue for growth. Big Data, 6th sense technology and much more will drive mobile cloud and if you want to explore these immense possibilities, get in touch for us. We deliver futuristic solutions that are relevant in the current market and will help you adapt rapidly to upcoming trends.

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Secure : We'll ensure, all the information provided by you will not be shared with anyone and your details are completely safe.

We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy