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4 Must Have Features on Wearable Device Apps


Smartwear technology has gained immense traction among fitness enthusiasts and those seeking hands-free technologies that will work beyond mere answering phone calls. With the internet and Bluetooth connectivity, supported by the powerful battery, smartwear devices such as Google’s Eyewear and Apple’s iWatch are enabling users to perform more tasks without referring to their smartphones. We discuss 4 must have features on wearable device apps

Ergonomic User Interface

Smartwear is defined by limited space and this is where there demand lies. Any application being designed for this space must have limited features, and highly relevant ones in that. The instructions must be precise and tabs must be ergonomically assembled for easy access. Further, the application must be lightweight so that it can load quickly and respond to commands much faster.

Augmented Reality through App

Some features such as response to voice commands, taking health related data through body temperature, pulse and conditions, using GPS and map are some essential features that will extend the augmented reality experience. In future, games and multimedia will have augmented reality as a central theme and wearable device will be the source field for the same. Hence, any application must be geared with its features to inculcate this aspect.

Data, Cloud and Security

Cloud will be the primary data center where data storage is concerned as it will act both as the storehouse and transfer place of data from the primary device to the wearable device. In this scenario, security will also be imperative and it will be important to ensure secure standards are placed within the app to protect user data. Especially in cases of applications that deal with sensitive user information in an open source standard framework, having a detailed security protocol will be essential for users. Easy access to data on the cloud and in the app can be facilitated with biometric and voice recognition features.

Customizable Notifications

Smart wear does not have the luxury to release detailed notifications that users can view at a glance. Hence, applications must design notification messages for their apps to be a single word or use other aspects of the device such as voice memo or different colored lighting.

At Solution Analysts, we offer a range of IoT-based smart-wear applications that are successfully running on the leading smartwear devices. We are working closely on new applications that will be compatible with the ecosystem of latest versions of iWatch and Android smartwatch. We are also looking at apps that will sync retail management and homewear applications for better control.

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Secure : We'll ensure, all the information provided by you will not be shared with anyone and your details are completely safe.

We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy