The Solution Analysts CEO Shares Technology and Business Insights with TopDevelopers

Dec 11th, 2018

The Solution Analysts CEO Shares Technology and Business Insights with TopDevelopers


Mr. Kalpesh Patel, the Founder and CEO of Solution Analysts, has recently shared his insights in an interview conducted by TopDevelopers. In his exclusive and candid interview, he talks about his company, his journey as a technopreneur, and his role in developing the business.

TopDevelopers is a reliable B2B research and review agency to help entrepreneurs connect with the top software solution providers.

Here is a brief of Mr. Kalpesh Patel’s interview taken by TopDevelopers:

  • Introduction of Solution Analysts

Solution Analysts, a leading mobile app development company, was established in the year 2011 with a vision to bring automation in the business processes. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, today, the company has a global corporate office in the USA.

As per Mr. Kalpesh, the company’s focus always remains on the quality-driven agility while developing customized enterprise software. Solution Analysts has set new milestones by integrating technological advancements in customized IT solutions. In the eight years of journey, Solution Analysts has addressed diverse client requirements across various industry sectors and helps many startups to thrive with cost-effective services..

Today, Solution Analysts has expanded its array of services to IoT app development, blockchain app development, and AR app development to cope with changing business needs.

  • Role as a CEO

As Mr. Kalpesh has mentioned, his role as a CEO is both technical and managerial. He leads the management and various technical teams at Solution Analysts. He closely monitors the schedules of various teams to meet the deadlines as well. He utilizes shrewd business acumen to take the real-time decisions in the best interests of clients and employees.

  • Biggest Achievement of Solution Analysts

As per Mr. Kalpesh, the biggest achievement of Solution Analysts is the work culture with the “can-do” attitude. It helps the company to sail through troubled waters and to achieve near to impossible tasks. The all-inclusive approach has enabled Solution Analysts to write a growth story since inception and Mr. Kalpesh considers it a great achievement.

  • Development Phases

It is necessary for the companies to come up with feature-rich and robust mobile apps to stay firm amid growing competition. Solution Analysts strives for meeting the deadlines without compromising the quality and performance of the app solutions.

The company follows a well-defined app development process to achieve this objective. Better coordination between various teams makes it possible to deliver a high-quality IT solution. From management to project managers to developers, Solution Analysts has established a strong network for taking care of every detail of the project.

The development process consists of seven steps:

● Business requirement analysis
● Design phase
● Development and Integration
● Testing and Optimization
● Delivery or Deployment
● Technical Assistance
● Support and Reengineering

What’s more, the team remains in touch with the clients during the app development process. The real-time communication and regular reporting help the company achieve the client’s satisfaction.

How Solution Analysts Helps Clients in Choosing the Right Platform
Since inception, Solution Analysts has assisted many startups and SMEs to thrive. Experienced business consultants at Solution Analysts do proper research on the client’s business model and market trends for the particular sector. Other aspects include geography and target audience.

After a careful consideration of all these factors, the consultants come up with the most suitable and profitable app platform for the client. As Mr. Kalpesh says: “Mobile app development is a costly affair and we always remain by the client’s side to take the right decision for growing their business while getting a higher RoI.”

Since inception, the company has successfully worked on over 500 projects of the global corporate clients.

  • More from Interview

Apart from this, Mr. Kalpesh Patel has shared his insightful thoughts on the emerging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT (Internet of Things). While remaining optimistic for the future of mobile technology, he emphasizes the integration of these evolving technologies to develop innovative and futuristic app solutions for modern businesses.

Read the interview to get a glimpse of our unique business strategies and vision. You may find it interesting to read how our customized mobile apps can help you expand and enhance your business.

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