Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare App Development

Mar 12th, 2021

Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare App Development

Valiant efforts are made worldwide in the healthcare sector for improving health conditions and ensuring the well-being of patients. Here, healthcare mobile applications lend a helping hand and act as a bridge between patients and healthcare professionals. Customized healthcare or mHealth apps can ease the burden on healthcare organizations and enable patients to get high-quality diagnoses and treatment conveniently.

Statista has expected that the mobile health industry will cross $60 billion this year thanks to the rise of the popularity of healthcare apps. Another report suggests that around 80% of physicians use mobile apps for offering patient care.  Concepts like telemedicine and doctor-on-call can be implemented effectively with the help of customized healthcare apps. What’s more, as technology evolves, healthcare apps become more advanced through integrating advancements of technology. 

Talking about the healthcare sector, what if you could predict healthcare trends and improve your patient-related services accordingly? Here AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into the picture. This revolutionary technology can analyze the data for behavioral understanding and targeting people accordingly across various industry verticals. With this, AI can bring substantial improvements in all aspects of healthcare services ranging from diagnostics to treatment. 

AI can effectively address tasks like administrative workflow, clinical documentation, patient outreach, medical device automation, and patient monitoring. What’s more, a few of the smart tasks like drug development and assisted living can also be accomplished by this technology. It is fair to mention that AI has begun a new era in the healthcare sector while bringing radical changes through customized healthcare apps. Here are some of the major AI-based applications for the thriving healthcare sector. 

AI- Reliable Remedy for Improving Healthcare Services    

In many instances, AI algorithms are performing on par or even better than humans in performing tasks. When it comes to the healthcare sector, AI-powered applications can analyze medical images or correlating symptoms from EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) for identifying the disease. 

Apart from this objective, the AI app development services enable healthcare organizations to remain updated with technological advancements and keep pace with changing expectations of patients. What’s more, the healthcare app development company can assist such organizations to come up with on-demand healthcare services through health tracking apps and remote healthcare apps. 

Telehealth or telemedicine apps also gain ground especially in developing countries where healthcare services have not reached faraway areas. The mobile app development company can build a telemedicine app from scratch if the concept is clear. But then, it is necessary to ensure patient safety and efficacy while building next-generation healthcare apps using AI-powered features. 

As per the estimate, AI-based applications will cut costs by USD 150B in the healthcare sector by the year 2026. The AI technology will change the healthcare model from reactive to proactive. In other words, the sector will focus on health management than disease treatment. It will result in reducing costs by fewer hospitalizations, fewer treatments, and fewer doctor visits. AI will also assist people to stay healthy through continuous monitoring and spreading awareness. 

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Major Use Cases of AI in Healthcare Sector

Be it early diagnosis, customized treatment, or follow-ups, AI technology always assists healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

Patient Care 

AI-powered chatbots can help patients self-diagnose and assist doctors in prognosis. Another use of AI technology is in eliminating prescription errors. Maternity homes can consult the mobile app development company to come up with pregnancy management apps that enable mothers to monitor fetus for reducing their worries. 

Another important use case of AI in the patient care segment is real-time prioritization. It is based on prescriptive analytics on the patient’s data and enables a healthcare organization to do accurate real-time case prioritization and treatment. AI app development companies build apps that can analyze patient or third-party data to discover and provide actionable insights. 

AI enables the healthcare organization to analyze clinical data and make informed decisions based on the analysis. 


The thriving healthcare sector is fueled by the discovery of new drugs. AI can analyze the previous data related to research and discovery of drugs and bring medical intelligence. Another intelligent use of AI is in understanding genes and their components. The AI technology can be easily integrated with Big Data to extract meaningful, actionable information from various videos and images for the experimenting design of connected devices and drug compatibility. 

The modern pharmaceutical sector can make the most of AI technology and its branch Deep Learning to make critical decisions in real-time. 

Healthcare Management

The healthcare organization faces many challenges related to management and administration as it grows. It is necessary to determine the optimal price for treatment and health services in line with the market conditions and competition. Here, AI can play a vital role as a part of marketing research solutions. It can analyze the available data and fetch actionable insights for researching healthcare trends and patient expectations. 

Other useful technologies are IA (Intelligent Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) which help healthcare organizations to bring automation in front and back-office operations. 

Real-time reporting and predictive analytics are other aspects of effective healthcare management and AI technology can assist organizations in managing daily processes. AI-powered chatbots can answer the patient’s questions related to appointments, medication refills, and bill payment on a 24/7 basis. 

Medical Imaging & Diagnostic

From early diagnosis to analyzing medical imaging, AI works wonders. AI-based health solutions can easily analyze chronic conditions by analyzing the lab data and other relevant data for accurate prognosis. AI can also empower medical imaging for diagnosing COVID-19 cases earlier and identifying patients with critical conditions. 

Some healthcare mobile apps spread awareness and some of the apps have fitness-related features that measure the vitals of the users. Revolutionary AI technology can empower such apps effectively. 

New Verticals

AI is a highly promising technology and it can have many possibilities in the growing healthcare sector. For example, robotic surgery is one of the recent developments in the healthcare sector. Another example is of ML-based solutions that can be built in areas where training data is ready and physicians, as well as healthcare professionals, can access the data from anywhere. Apart from this, advanced radiology tools, EHR, and resistance against antibiotics can be considered as new avenues for AI in the healthcare domain. 

Concluding Lines

Over the last five years, AI has shown significant growth in the healthcare sector. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that this decade will belong to AI technology and its impact on the sector will be life-changing. From clinical diagnosis to drug development, and patient care to insurance, AI-based applications have started gaining ground swiftly across the world. These applications will assist healthcare organizations to improve patient care and other services. 

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