How On-demand Food Delivery App Help Your Restaurant Business to Grow

May 20th, 2020

How On-demand Food Delivery App Help Your Restaurant Business to Grow

On-demand apps have gained ground globally amid these trying times. On one hand, such apps make the user’s life easy, and on the other hand, they can bring automation in various processes in different services. Let’s take the example of an on-demand food delivery app. A restaurant owner or an entrepreneur enables their customers to order their favorite dish from the comfort of home and send items at their doorstep.

How does the on-demand food delivery model work?

Whether you own a restaurant chain or wish to start an aggregator business, it is necessary to collaborate with restaurants and restaurant supply stores to offer a plethora of varieties to foodies. Once the delivery network is established and your restaurant business becomes ready to serve customers with their favorite food, you should opt for developing an on-demand food delivery app.

Before digging deep into this subject, let’s go through the quick facts of the food delivery services market.

Quick Facts

• The global online food delivery services market is expected to grow to $111.32 billion in the year 2020
• The slow growth rate in the year 2020 is due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the market size will reach $154.3 in the year 2023
• Globally, online food delivery business will generate revenue of over USD 136,430 million in the year 2020
• The number of online food delivery app users will exceed 1200 million in the year 2020

Delivery forecast
Many people across the world have downloaded food delivery apps to get their favorite dishes at their homes or workplaces using fingertips. If you want to build an app to give your customers comfort and convenience while ordering food, here is your handy guide that consists of key features and benefits.

Types of On-demand Food Delivery Apps

We find three types of food delivery mobile apps in the market-

Aggregators Apps or B2C Apps

Starbucks and McDelivery are examples of aggregators apps. Aggregator apps offer a user-friendly environment and simple payment options with a location-tracking functionality.

Delivery Service Provider Apps or B2B Apps

Most on-demand food delivery apps fall under this category. B2B apps are also known as E2E or Enterprise to Enterprise apps because such apps are useful in defining business strategies between different enterprises. CaterNation is an example of such an app.

Full-stack Food Delivery Apps or C2C Apps

Zomato and UberEats are C2C or Consumer to Consumer mobile apps. These are also on-demand food delivery apps that manage the entire process ranging from ordering to delivery at the user’s doorstep.

On-demand food delivery app services offer many benefits to the users and restaurant owners alike. Some of these benefits are-


Major Benefits of On-demand Food Delivery Apps

• Quick and convenient food ordering process
• Improved customer relationships
• Cost-effective marketing tool
• Enhanced services and automation advantage
• Real-time analytics for food expenses
• Increase in revenue and expansion opportunity

It is fair to mention that on-demand food delivery app development services are equally popular among customers, restaurant owners, and other stakeholders of the food and beverage business. The food delivery app enables users to get rid of approaching a takeaway center or a restaurant. They can get their favorite food item in a short time using the app.

The mobile app development company divides the food delivery app into three panels. Let’s go through the major features of each panel.

Key Features of On-demand Food Delivery App

User Panel

Registration– Users can register themselves using social media accounts and mobile number

Restaurant List– It shows the list of nearby restaurants. This list is a part of the home screen of the food delivery app

Menu– This is a key feature of the on-demand food delivery app. It shows available items across various restaurants along with the cost. The menu can contain appealing images of food items, user reviews, and expected delivery time as well

Cart– The users can put their orders in the cart. It is possible to add extras or toppings in the cart along with the item. Users can see the change in cost accordingly

Payment– The checkout page enables the users to make payment for the items in the cart. The payment gateway integration facilitates users to pay through debit/credit card or net banking

Past Orders or Order History– Customers can repeat their orders by looking at the order history

Contact Details– These details include the delivery person’s contact number and the restaurant’s contact details

Tracking Order– Users can easily track their orders and find the location of the delivery person with the help of this feature

Search and Filters– App users can simply write the name of their favorite delicacy and the search feature shows all the eateries that offer this food within seconds. Filters like delivery time and reviews can help users select the best restaurant from the list.

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Restaurant Panel

Dashboard– It shows all the activities at a single place. The admin can see the real-time order status and keep track of pending and completed orders

Order Management– The restaurant can accept or decline orders. This is the most important feature of the on-demand food delivery app’s restaurant panel. This app is designed to ensure timely delivery, and if it is not possible for particular items, then the restaurant may consider the rejection of the order

Payment Management– Users can pay as per their convenience through integrated payment gateways. The admin or restaurant manager can see this transaction and manage the payment process

Account Management– This feature enables the restaurant to set food images, name, logo, operating hours, and other necessary information along with the estimated delivery time

Delivery Person Panel

Login– The delivery person can register through the contact details and make a profile

Order Requests– It shows all the orders with the ID, name of the customers, and delivery address. The delivery person can either accept or reject the order request after considering several aspects

Order History– The delivery person can see the past orders anytime through this feature

Instant Chat/Call– It enables the delivery person to contact the customer in the case of any confusion

Wallet– The admin deposits money after each successful delivery in the person’s wallet. The payment can also come on a weekly or monthly basis. The in-app wallet enables the delivery person to receive payment in the wallet

Fund Transfer– The delivery person can transfer the funds from wallet to the bank account simply by entering the bank name, account number, and code

Transaction History– It is an earning document of the delivery person

Online Support– The delivery person can contact the support team in case of any difficulty

Google Maps– Integration of Google Maps helps the delivery person to navigate and find the delivery address

Additional Features

On-demand app development aims at providing services or products on time. The food delivery app enables you to offer excellent delivery services with an improved experience, which is essential for maintaining long-term relationships with the customers.

Advanced technological features like real-time location tracking, analysis, and robust payment systems are handy in serving your customers in a better way. You can also run a reward or loyalty program.


How much does it cost to build on-demand food delivery app?

Like other on-demand apps, the cost of a food delivery app depends on the number of features and overall complexity of the app. A simple food delivery app with necessary features can cost you around $12000 to $20000. A complex app with advanced features can stretch this cost up to $45000.

What’s more, the cost of app development depends on the hourly rate of app developers. In the USA, the hourly rate of developers can be as high as $250, whereas Indian developers charge $25 to $40 an hour. Also, Android app development is a bit costlier than iOS app development because an Android app needs rigorous testing.

If you own a startup and want to make the most of on-demand delivery apps, then you can come up with a basic app initially. You can add features in the subsequent versions of the food delivery app to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Concluding Remarks

On-demand app development is thriving at a rapid pace thanks to people’s changing behaviors and increasing expectations for comfort. Foodies just love to give orders through an app and get the delivery at their doorstep. However, it is better to do proper research about the market trends and competitors’ apps to get a user-friendly and feature-rich app. The on-demand app development company can also help you define the strategy to make your app successful.


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