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Mobile App Development Trends You will continue in 2017

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Mobile application development technologies have evolved to match the evolution in the mobile device technology. Many applications have become out-dated or faded into oblivion as the concept behind their design has become irrelevant. Based on the rapidly rising new trends, mobile application development solutions have also had to grow to match step. We glimpse at a few trends that will continue to be relevant through 2017.

Mobile app security issues

There is no uniform regulation that exists on a global scale to ensure mobile user security against privacy breach via mobile applications. Coupled with the open source framework and development platforms, applications remain vulnerable on the security front. Apple is also gradually migrating towards an open source framework for iOS and later versions of Swift. In the following year, we will witness redoubled efforts to this end as major tech companies’ work towards creating a secure ecosystem with uniform regulations worldwide.

Smart moves for Mobile IoT

As IoT technologies develop and we find new applications of the smart devices, as we enter 2017 and get past it, smart technologies will be central to how we live. Wearable devices are already gaining traction in the market for applications related health and fitness, music and much more. Already there are rumors and demonstrations of how companies are creating futuristic electronic appliances with “smart” integrations. So IoT applications will be very important to the business strategy of mobile app development companies.

Cross-platform mobile application development

Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, AngularJS are just a few technologies we mention off the list of platforms that will augment hybrid application development in future. Even Google’s Material Design is receiving functionalities to facilitate application development for other platforms such as Windows Phone. Especially for enterprise application development hybrid applications are in high demand largely due to the BYOD policy that most companies practice.

App Market Matures

The mobile app market has matured to a great extent as the number of applications is already hitting over 2 billion apps on the two major markets – Android Play Store and iOS AppStore. Apple is already planning to capitalize this influx in apps by selling prime spots in the AppStore and Google is planning to launch analytics to study relevant keywords to make mobile apps SEO relevant.

At Solution Analysts, we work with the latest technologies for clients who work in diverse fields with diverse needs. Hence, we constantly stay updated on the latest mobile trend and work on applications that will remain relevant for the longest time.



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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy