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iOS Swift 3.0 – Facts Every iOS Developer Should Know and Rejoice

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Apple released the latest version of its programming language Swift, the version 3.0, which is used to create OS x and iOS apps at the WWDC, 2016. Eventually, Apple plans to take this programming language to Linux and Windows devices too. Currently, iOS Swift 3.0 is available with Xcode 8 beta. We highlight 5 Swift 3.0 features every iOS developer will love working with.

1. The New Features: WWDC 2016

The new features that were showcased in WWDC 2016 include –

  • All function parameters are labelled default
  • Attribute arguments will use colons
  • Location for Lie control statements will have #sourceLocation syntax
  • New functionalities are added to Swift cases with multiple patterns
  • Nonescaping Closures and Auto closures are type attributes on Swift 3
  • Parenthesis are required around functions’ parameter types
  • Stable binary interface (ABI) for all types of computers
  • New design guidelines for building APIs

2. Welcome Windows and Linux

Swift 3.0 can be ported to other operating systems and Apple’s Swift Evolution GitHub page has codes that are portable attributes which enable it to function smoothly on other platforms too. Soon, Swift will be available on Linux and Windows and there are hints of its becoming open source. Apple developers are encouraged to create Windows port with the LLVM and Clang environments that have the foundation for building and compiling Swift for Windows. Currently, the company is concentrating on getting Swift operable on Swift in full-swing.

3. Google may opt for Swift

There are rumours that Google may drop its Java-based programming language in favour of Swift for Android platform. If Google and Apple share the same base language, it will be win-win for developers who will have to work with a single language. As per a StackOverflow survey in 2015, Swift is fast emerging as the favourite programming language for mobile app development.

4. Swift C Functions

Attributes of C functions on Swift 3 allow library authors to specify different ways their code should be imported into Swift. Method names will change and the translator will drop the NS prefix from all Foundation classes, while Boolean properties will gain an “is” prepended to their name. Objective-C APIs will adhere strictly to the Swift API design guidelines.

5. API Design guidelines

The Swift API design guidelines have become the core principle for Swift 3.0 and carry following attributes:

  • Clarity at point of use
  • Clarity is more important than brevity
  • Reliance on contextual codes

Swift 3.0 is veering towards an open source system that will unify all platforms under a single programming language. The advantage to mobile app developers will be that they can rely on a single language for developing applications across platforms.

We work with Swift programming language and we have some projects outlined for starting development on the Swift 3. To know more about our iOS work and to find out about our iOS Swift 3 development, contact us.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy