Why Should You Hire Full-Stack Developers for Developing MVP

Jan 4th, 2020

Why Should You Hire Full-Stack Developers for Developing MVP

Every excellent and creative idea needs implementation. But then, startups and even small companies find it extremely difficult to convert an idea into the product because of budgetary constraints. Thankfully, technology brings an answer to this difficulty in the form of MVP development. Entrepreneurs can opt for an MVP to validate their idea.

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a development technique to build a new product, website or even an application with sufficient features in a user-friendly way. If you have a creative idea, the MVP can show you whether you should come up with a full-fledged product from it. Before moving ahead, we need to know how MVP works.

Let’s take an example of a startup of an on-demand service. As an entrepreneur, you have an idea of a unique service you want to provide through an app to your customers. Now, instead of a feature-rich app, an MVP is built for early customers, and you can get their valuable feedback. Based on it, you can go ahead with app development and hire dedicated developers.

What are full-stack developers?

How will you define an allrounder in a cricket team? Well, an allrounder can play multiple roles without any help. Similarly, a full-stack developer can handle the entire project single-handedly. Such developers can work on both front-end and back-end development in the mobile app and web development company. In brief, they can make the entire product ready on their own.

These days, full-stack developers are known as T-shaped professionals. You may wonder, why are they called T-shaped developers? The main reason is unlike their traditional I-shaped counterparts who are experts only in their domains, the full-stack developers are masters of more than one domain with enough knowledge about the other domains.

They have deep knowledge of languages and a great capability to apply it in different situations. They are capable to handle front-end and back-end technologies for the project. When it comes to developing an MVP for your idea, the full-stack developers can be a perfect fit, especially for startups with budgetary constraints.

Why Full-stack developers?

When you opt for an MVP of a mobile app, you need various developers and a QA to hire. A UX designer, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a quality analyst along with a project manager are a part of a development team. Apart from increased cost, you need to deal with differences of opinion among the team members and timeline issues.

Also, the communication issues create a hassle in the project development. Hiring full-stack developers can resolve these issues with ease. They work in sync with your team and manage the entire project development from scratch.

All you get is a fully functional MVP on time without spending extra money. Let’s understand the full-stack development now.

What is full-stack development?

Full-stack development involves all aspects of development from ideation to deployment.

hiring full stack developers make understanding full stack development

A reputed web development company can help you develop an MVP with the help of full-stack developers. Full-stack development consists of three layers. Let’s discuss these layers.

Presentation Layer

This is a front-end portion of a product or an application. Developers design and develop the User Interface (UI). The full-stack developers with basic skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can initiate the process in this layer. But, moving forward, it is necessary to have enough experience of advanced JavaScript frameworks including Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js.

The presentation layer deals with the look and feel of the product or an MVP.

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Business Logic Layer

This is a backend of a product or an app. It empowers front-end and the full-stack developers to use server-side programming languages to write the business logic or develop the backend of your company’s application.

Here, if you hire mobile app developers then chances are high that they may not have enough expertise and experience of writing business logic.

The full-stack developers know the latest backend languages along with their frameworks like Node.js, Python with Django, and Java with Spring MVC.

Database Layer

The database is also a part of the backend and the full-stack developers should have a good knowledge of both relational and non-relational databases. It is necessary because both these types of databases have different objectives and they address different data management requirements for your business.

Relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL use tables to store data. Non-relational databases including MongoDB store data in JSON format.

These days, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB database languages are popular among the developer community. The full-stack developers must have enough insights into all these languages.

After knowing the process, you may raise a question- How can we find the right full-stack developer for hire? Well, you can easily identify the full-stack developers by measuring their skills in HTTP, REST, algorithms, JavaScript framework, data structures, Git, and deployment options.

Finally, let’s make a list of major advantages of hiring full-stack developers for developing a customized MVP for your business.

Save cost

When you hire full-stack developers, you can save big by eliminating the need to hire individual professionals who are specialized in just one domain. A couple of full-stack developers can work wonders for developing an MVP for your business. The MVP development needs a Jack of all domains rather than a master of one domain.

Easy update

Full-stack developers tend to stay in touch with technological advancements. They are also more adaptive to the latest technologies as compared to traditional developers. If you want to update your MVP, it is always better to hire full-stack developers who can rapidly adapt to new business requirements and technology trends.

Easy switching and maintenance

The full-stack developer can easily switch between front-end and back-end and vice versa. You may argue what is the need for switching after having an MVP? But, you need to keep your MVP ready to meet the customer’s expectations and involve the current trends. A full-stack developer can manage both front-end and back-end with ease while modifying the MVP.

Also, the full-stack developer knows well about the end result and problems that can arise during the process. They also know the consequences and are in a better position to resolve them.

Timely Delivery

You will certainly agree that bigger the team, bigger the issues of coordination and communication. Though individual developers have excellent knowledge of a single domain, it is a bit difficult for them to collaborate with other developers. The full-stake developers, on the other hand, always work as a team. It makes the MVP development process easy.

Also, you need to hire a couple of full-stack developers for developing an MVP that helps them divide the responsibility and they can coordinate in a better way to get the desired results. As a result, you can get timely delivery of your MVP and save big on cost and efforts.

Competitive edge

Easy maintenance, reduced TTM, better collaboration, and quick updates are some of the major benefits of hiring full-stack developers.

All you get an MVP with the most basic features in a short time and start spreading your business among a huge audience through it. It gives your business a competitive edge over your peers who are yet to come up with an MVP or a mobile app with the same idea.

Concluding Lines

Even in developing an MVP, you may need to invest a considerable amount of money. This is particularly true if your idea leads to a fairly complex MVP.

There, it is always better to hire ‘T’-shaped full-stack developers instead of I-shaped app developers. A web and mobile app development company can assist you to hire such developers.

Hire Full-Stack Developers for Developing MVP

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