How to Select the Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Development

Dec 4th, 2018

How to Select the Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Development


It is a technology stack that can make or break your app’s reputation in a thriving mobile platform. Here are a few tips that can help you get rid of a conundrum regarding the selection of a right technology stack for your business app.

What has helped companies to make big brands online? Well, it’s not the app development platform! If you have hung around iOS or Android app development company, then you probably know the answer. It’s a technology stack that decides the future of your customized software. A right and robust technology stack can help you convert your products into big brands through a seamlessly-performing app.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the right technology stack for mobile app development and give you a few tips to find the most suitable one for your app. But before that, let’s quickly go through what the tech stack is.

What is Technology Stack?

For those who have no idea what the technology stack is, here we give its brief introduction. The technology stack consists of four domains that build an anatomy of your business app.

Four domains that comprise a technology stack are-

1. Frontend Development
It deals with the user interface of your mobile app.

2. Backend Development
It is responsible for the user experience of your app.

3. Development Platform
It is a platform (Android or iOS or both) on which your app is built.

4. Miscellaneous Elements
Technological advancements that make your app secure, robust, and reliable.

Why should you find the right Tech Stack for your app?

Do you know that many aspects are dependent on the technology stack of your mobile app? The tech stack is responsible for developing robust and scalable mobile apps. If you take any wrong decision regarding selecting the technology stack, you put your app’s performance and future scope at stake!

What’s more, the development time and cost of your app also adversely impact if you fail to choose the best technology stake for your app. Sounds alarming? Well, it may, but it can show the importance of choosing the proper tech stack for a business application.

Okay. Now as you know about the tech stack, let’s take various mobile app development environment one after another to find their relevant technology stack:

Native App Development

As you are well aware, the native app development involves both Android and iOS app development. Both these platforms have different capabilities and requirements. Therefore, they have different technology stacks also.

> Tech Stack for Android Mobile Apps
Though Kotlin is an official programming language for making Android apps, still many Android app development companies use Java language.

Both Eclipse and Android Studio are widely used for Android app development.

These tech stacks are responsible for the development of millions of Android apps. You can target a huge audience through an innovative and flexible Android app using these stacks.

> Tech Stack for iOS Mobile Apps
A customized iOS app development solution involves either Swift or Objective-C programming language. The iOS app developers commonly use IntelliJ AppCode and Apple XCode toolkit.

For many years, the iOS has remained a preferred app development platform for the enterprises globally. Businesses can generate more revenue with an iOS app as compared to its Android counterpart.

As technology advances and competition intensifies, companies opt for a business app that can run on both the major OS without any hassles. There, the concept of cross-platform apps comes into the picture.

Cross-platform App Development

The cross-platform app development process uses the same code to develop apps that can run on multiple platforms. Globally, companies prefer such apps to get the benefits of a wider reach, lower development cost, and a reduced TTM (Time to Market) as compared to native apps.

React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter are a few of popular cross-platform mobile app development platforms.

Apart from this, we have hybrid apps as well that can run on mobile and web platform with ease. They have different tech stack and require frameworks like Cordova, Ionic, and the like.

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After going through the necessary technology stack for a different app development environment, now we will discuss some important factors to consider for selecting the best tech stack for your app:

Factors Affecting Choice of Technology Stack

1. App-related considerations

Every app is slightly different from the other. Aspects like the device on which your app would work, the network condition, desired user experience, OS, target audience, market trends, etc. exert a lot of impact in selecting the technology stack. You need to keep them in mind while choosing the right stack for your app.

2. Goal of your mobile app

Mobile apps that deal with a heavy load processing requires more powerful tech stack than the apps that work around streamlined limited interactions. In other words, you should consider the objective of your mobile app while selecting the tech stack.

3. Skillset of developers

The iOS or Android app development company has a team of experienced app developers. When you hire mobile app developers, it is possible that they have expertise in the tech stack that your app does not require. In such a scenario, you need to choose the team of developers who are well-versed in your desired technology stack, or you can select the technology stack in which your team of developers can work comfortably.

4. Huge community support

Technology giants like Google and Microsoft offer a robust technology stack. It is advisable to use the tech stack supported by such technology behemoths. It can also offer a huge community support and advanced app solutions to the developers. It helps you get a feature-rich and futuristic mobile app.

For example, a popular web and mobile app development framework AngularJS is backed by Google and you can use it for developing single-page apps. Another example is React Native, which is backed by Facebook.

5. Access through multiple platforms

These days, apps that can run flawlessly across multiple platforms like iOS and Android are in vogue. In other words, cross-platform or hybrid apps have started gaining ground, and you should consider this aspect if you want to expand business across the world.

6. Security considerations

Security-related worries loom large for customized mobile apps because they are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. If you do not choose a proper and sufficiently documented technology stack, your business app may prone to various risks. Also, you should hire expert developers who can meet your app’s security requirements by using cutting-edge tools.

7. Compatibility aspect

Finally, you should choose the mobile application tech stack in line with your business model and the geography of the target audience.

Also, you should think whether the tech stack of your choice will remain compatible in the future when you will integrate new features into your business app.

Concluding Lines

Here we covered some of the noteworthy tips to find the best technology stack for your first mobile app development project. When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, they can also assist you to find the right technology stack that can meet your business requirements while developing a scalable and innovative app.

You can also contact a leading mobile app development company, Solution Analysts for the same. Our business consultants will guide you thoroughly with the best of their experience and expertise in the mobile app development domain.

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