Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Successful Startups

Feb 3rd, 2020

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Successful Startups

Mobile applications have made people’s lives more comfortable by enhancing convenience. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that today, we have a mobile application for almost everything. From booking cabs to restaurant tables and getting medical to household services, the mobile app development services can assist various industry sectors to bring customized, user-friendly app solutions.

The other side of the coin is if you want to make your business successful, you need a customized mobile app. Both Goole Play and Apple App Store surge with over 2.8 million and 2.2 million apps respectively. In such a situation, it is necessary for the startups to come up with unique ideas and innovative yet user-friendly mobile apps to become successful rapidly.

Here we make a list of top ten ideas that can make your startup highly successful with the help of customized mobile apps. We will start with the most obvious idea- On-demand service applications.

Ten Mobile App-related Ideas for Establishing Startups Successfully.

On-demand services app

The on-demand economy is thriving at a tremendous pace, and on-demand app development contributes to its success. A golden era of on-demand apps started with the advent of the Uber app. Today, we have many apps available for various on-demand services like gas delivery, courier delivery, food delivery, and household services.

The on-demand delivery app development has enhanced the convenience and comfort of people worldwide. Though many on-demand apps are available these days, startups can find great scope for growing their company in the on-demand business model through customized and feature-rich apps.

Mobile Wallet app

Another popular trend is the mobile wallet apps. This trend rides on the growing popularity of cashless transactions worldwide. The steep increase in the number of smartphone users across the world and people’s increasing dependence on mobile wallets for online transactions have made mobile wallet app development a popular trend globally.

The mobile wallet acts as a bridge between the app users or customers and the merchants. The wallet can be used to offer user-friendly features like bill payment, cash in cash out, loyalty, rewards, and split payment. You can develop a digital wallet app to ensure easy and secure fund transfer and seamless transactions across devices.

Restaurant management app

A food or restaurant startup can make the most through a restaurant management app. It is easy to get a competitive edge over other restaurants while leveraging the benefits of the restaurant management app. Restaurant owners can manage the key operations with ease and improve customer services to get loyal customers using a restaurant management app.

The restaurant management app can play a vital role as your digital assistant to track various activities like table booking, inventory, supply chain management, and billing. What’s more, startups can get a loyal customer base by running a reward program through a restaurant app. It is easy to promote the business through an app by giving app-based discounts and offers.

Last-mile delivery management app

If you own a logistics or courier startup, this app can be a boon for your business. Last-mile delivery can play a crucial role in ensuring the success of any logistics company.

Last-mile delivery management app

How about developing a mobile application that can effectively manage the last mile delivery process? The app can do it so by providing a bird’s view and route optimization for drivers or delivery agents.

Apart from making your drivers’ job easy, the app solution for the last mile delivery enables your customers to track their orders and get real-time updates. The app also enables customers to communicate with delivery persons, drivers, or call centers about the dispatch. You can also get valuable feedback. Coming up with the last-mile delivery app is, therefore, a lucrative idea.

Bike trip app

Do you want to come up with a unique concept for your business? Well, here is one of them. You can bring a dedicated app to organize a bike trip. It acts as a platform between different bikers globally. They can chat and communicate through your app and organize a bike trip. Simply put, this is a social media app for bikers, and it is specifically used for planning a trip.

The bike trip app enables app users to set the destination and other bikers can join in the trip from different routes or places.

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Product search by photo app

If you own an online retail business or want to venture into an eCommerce industry, it is great to come up with an app that has a unique search feature. Yes, you can develop a mobile app with a search feature that finds the product through its picture. Customers or app users can search for products through photos. It can engage them with the app for a long time.

As one of the most creative app ideas, this search feature can target people of all age groups. As an entrepreneur, you can also tie-up with other retailers to search for more products through photos. It can increase your profits as well.

Disaster management app

Disaster management falls under the category of emergency services. We cannot stop disasters but through proper management, we can minimize their impact. A feature-rich mobile app can change the way we deal with disasters.

The disaster management app can send alerts to authorities and the app users automatically for a possible disaster.

Also, the app can help users get rid of any dangers. They can send a request instantly with the necessary information and the operator assigns the task to the nearest executive. In a way, the app users can save themselves. The disaster management app may not generate revenue, but it can give your business a new identity and a human touch.

IoT security app

IoT technology evolves with leaps and bounds, and we will have over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. In recent years, the adoption rate of IoT technology has increased to make our lives more convenient.


You can come up with an IoT security application to safeguard home and industry. The IoT security app can control the system through wi-fi. The users can monitor every activity through sensors and cameras using an app.

Also, an IoT-enabled alarm can help the app users find the exact location of the fire. App users can get a real-time notification in case of any emergency.

Interior designing app

AR and VR are emerging technologies known for offering an immersive, lifelike experience to the app users. These futuristic technologies are ready to play significant roles in the healthcare, retail, real estate, and manufacturing sectors.

What makes the usage of AR and VR technologies more interesting is the fact that both these technologies can be used in interior designing and the furniture. If you own a startup related to this sector, you can show the imaginary situation after placing furniture and other articles to your customers through an interior designing app.

It is possible that without using such an app, customers get confused regarding the dimensions and possible locations. AR-based interior design app can render a real-life experience by adding virtual elements in the real world. In the coming years, AR technology will emerge as a great idea because the furniture and interior design business will be a great beneficiary.

Blockchain-based app

In recent years, bitcoins have drawn the attention of many people globally. The popularity of bitcoins has also brought its parent technology Bitcoin in limelight. You can generate a steady stream of revenue by using such an app. The blockchain technology is here to stay and you can utilize it for offering speedy and secure online transactions.

Barter exchange app and DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) advertising management application are other innovative ideas that can lead the startups toward success. But then, you should consult experienced business consultants before selecting any of these app ideas.

Concluding Remarks

What is the need to create an app? Well, you can grow your business by promoting services or products through a seamlessly-performing app. What’s more, you need to ensure that your enterprise app works just fine for a long time. A reputed and reliable mobile app development company can help you get such an app. Do you have any unique app ideas in mind? Do mention it in the comments.

Mobile App Ideas for Successful Startups

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