Key Enterprise Mobility Trends that Benefit Manufacturing Sector

Oct 14th, 2022

Key Enterprise Mobility Trends that Benefit Manufacturing Sector

Nowadays, mobile is involved in almost every business operation, hence, implementing an enterprise mobility solution has become a necessity. The more mobile users, the easier it becomes to attract them through enterprise mobile applications.  Enterprise mobility Trends has transformed the way business functions, as it enhances user experience and improves ROI. Such benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions signify the need to implement mobility for the business processes and workforce. 

Companies, whether they are slow or quick in adopting enterprise mobility solutions, fully aware of the revolutionary changes brought by this technology. Enterprise mobility solutions can speed up the processes across the various division from the shop floor, and warehouse, to management. Integrating mobility solutions improves productivity and production downtime which gives competitive benefits to enterprises. 

Why Manufacturing Requires Mobility Solutions

Globally, manufacturing companies expand rapidly with the help of robust mobility solutions. Integrating enterprise mobility can help companies to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers. For instance, if an automobile manufacturing company has excellent sales of its spare parts, its demands increase. As a result,  manufacturers feel the need to launch a mobile app to reduce the gap in demand and supply. Now consumers can place an order for spare parts using the mobile app.

Such mobility solutions help companies reduce costs and enhance productivity in the long term. Hence, enterprises need to work to improve production and the capacity to provide customized products. It can be achieved only by integrated and flexible operational processes and production lines which enable fast configuration changes and decreased load times without hampering the safety or quality. 

Top Enterprise Mobility Trends in Manufacturing

Enterprise Mobility is one of the major digital transformation solutions of Industry 4.0. It has a profound impact on the manufacturing industry, however, you need to have a well-planned strategy to make it work. Executing a mobility strategy helps manufacturers to address issues of productivity, capability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Let’s take a look at what enterprise mobility trends bring to the manufacturing industry. 

  • Future-Ready for Business

Manufacturers always want tools that remain useful for them in the future as well. Similarly to the practices and requirements of manufacturers, technology also changes. Hence, going for something which may bring nothing in the future, can jeopardize the resources. Therefore, mobile platforms based on enterprise mobility solutions can reduce these risks by immuring a company against future changes. Enterprise mobility enables simultaneous development on all popular mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc. This software can easily adapt when updated. In this way, a business is not tied down to only one mobile device or operating system.

Instead of assigning separate development teams for iOS, Android, and others, future-ready aspects, for instance, enhanced user experience of apps; can make development simpler and cost-effective. A team can develop once and take the time to focus more on details, such as getting an app’s user experience right. At the same time, these future-ready development platforms can leverage the underlying features of various devices such as bar code scanning, GPS, etc.  Companies adopting mobility solutions can prevent the risk of choosing the wrong device or platform. 

  • More Priority to SMEs

The study of time and motion has a major role to play as it can efficiently run workflow-large scale manufacturing. However, these studies can be easily carried out by industry giants as they have enough resources to perform. With the advent of new mobility solutions, small and medium enterprises can easily collect data and analyze processes.

SMEs can constantly evaluate their worker’s performance and take necessary actions. For instance, employees can use mobile devices to track the location of workers and equipment even if they are walking from station to station. The collected data can be utilized for addressing bottlenecks and improving workflows. 

  • Intelligent Assets

Now equipment and machinery have also become intelligent as they can transmit data in real time to give an actionable understanding of conditions, performance, and other useful information. Integrating IoT in mobility solutions collects data into apps for monitoring and management of assets.

This data is helpful for the predictive maintenance of assets. For instance, if a sensor-integrated asset vibrates more than usual, its past record indicates a sign of equipment failure. As a result, enterprises have sufficient information to know that they need to replace parts that are likely to fail soon. 

  • Enhanced User Interface

The primary role of user interfaces is to simplify the user input as much as possible. Even the most experienced and careful workers can make errors while typing information. Talking about the manufacturing industry is shifting towards interfaces where users choose their entries from a well-laid out menu. 

A user-friendly interface involves structured workflow options from which workers can pick and choose. The goal of such an interface design is that it should have everything the user needs. Adding such a well-designed interface for a business app brings value to enterprises. It is crucial to know the difference between desktop and mobile environments while developing mobile interfaces to optimize user experience properly. 

Ending Note

Manufacturers are leveraging emerging technologies for inventory control, customer services, and optimization of their entire operation. Currently, mobility solutions have a major role in manufacturing to improve overall quality and revenue generation and enhance customer relationships. More than any industry, it’s manufacturing that needs enterprise mobility solutions for operational efficiency and global connectivity.  

Solution Analysts is a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions offering customized services according to clients’ requirements. We strive for enterprise digital transformation with our robust mobility solutions. We focus on every aspect of mobility from strategy to proper execution to develop efficient results.

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