How DevOps Solution remains Game-changer in Enterprise Mobility

Jan 17th, 2022

How DevOps Solution remains Game-changer in Enterprise Mobility

Mobile DevOps is a buzzword in the corporate world. As a kind of practice that assists organizations to embrace enterprise mobility and integrate it with the DevOps solution, mobile DevOps has started gaining ground. 

This integration results in developing enterprise-level apps more quickly and bringing automation while responding to feedback more effectively. Simply put, a DevOps service provider can ensure the company’s success in the mobile-driven age. 

It is fair to mention that the boundaries between mobile app development, mobility management, and operations are getting blurred with evolving technology. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the role of DevOps in enterprise mobility. We will also discuss some of the key roadblocks in the way of mobility and DevOps. But, before moving forward, let’s understand the concept of DevOps and mobile. 

In enterprise mobility, it is imperative to maintain the development process continuously for making the mobile strategy productive. 

Here, the DevOps solution complements mobility and development processes. It is, therefore, necessary to develop strategies that combine both DevOps and mobility while incorporating end-user feedback and push changes out rapidly. Here are the major roadblocks for mobile DevOps. 

Mobile DevOps Roadblocks

Mobile and DevOps offer many benefits to modern enterprises. However, the DevOps service provider needs to address some of the roadblocks including-

Skill Shortage

Lack of basic development skills can hinder the adaptation and spread of mobile DevOps. It can increase development time and effort while there is always a possibility of missing deadlines. 

Security Concerns

It is necessary to keep both development and operations on the same page to keep the production and processes at the optimum level. However, here one should focus on security. 

Cultural Differences

One of the most complex challenges to embracing DevOps is a cultural difference. Companies that fail to break down the silos can find it difficult to change traditional development and operations executives. 

Application-related Issue

You can hire DevOps developers to get rid of application development-related issues. Companies cannot fix mobility or mobile app-related issues of their own. 

Apart from resolving these issues, DevOps combines with the mobile app development to offer many benefits to entrepreneurs and developers in this complex computing world. 

Mobile DevOps not only handles app development and IT operations but also supports automation in performing various tasks. 

DevOps relies on continuous delivery and development, testing, and deploying of applications. DevOps is, therefore, bringing disruptive changes in enterprise IT and mobility. 

As enterprise mobility becomes more prevalent across various industry sectors, many companies have started looking at DevOps to improve app development, deployment, and management. 

Key DevOps principles include multiplatform testing and development, rapid release cycles, and automation. These principles contribute to making the mobile strategy successful. Here are several ways in which DevOps combines with mobility to deliver high-quality software quickly. 

Automation in Mobility

We live in the mobile-first age. Talking about the influence of DevOps, it can bring automation in mobile methodologies. But then, many organizations have yet to implement enterprise mobile development strategies. 

Therefore, they do not leverage the benefits of automation. In enterprise mobile computing, a successful mobile strategy requires continuous development. 

For example, end-users or customers expect rich and pleasant experiences on their mobile devices along with the app’s seamless performance. 

This expectation continues the upgrade cycle for enterprise mobile apps globally. As a result, the combined strategy requires both a proactive approach and the incorporation of end-user feedback. 

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Matured Ecosystem

As mentioned above, DevOps solutions can bring automation in the processes while combining with mobility. 

Here, mature DevOps programming comes into the picture. It not only automates the process but also reduces the time between development, testing, and deployment. 

Mobile app developers can get real-time support to develop and maintain applications rapidly. This comes in handy when a rapid change in mobile applications is necessary. 

Let’s take the example of iOS devices. The iPhone giant Apple keeps on bringing major OS updates regularly. 

The company offers pre-release access to developers for testing only several months before the release date every year. 

Mobile app development companies cannot ignore these updates as they have to apply them in the client’s apps within a short time of release. In such a scenario, DevOps can help app development companies in reducing the time for upgrading the application.  

Speed and Productivity

Enterprise app development companies can leverage the benefits of DevOps-based automation in the distribution of apps. It is possible to distribute apps among limited people for acceptance testing and once their approval comes, these apps can be pushed to the entire community automatically. 

This automated process ensures that data is containerized and remains separate from any personal information on the user’s device. 

In a way, it is possible to reduce the time to market (TTM) for releasing the app without compromising on its performance and user-friendliness. DevOps can increase the speed of app distribution and automation can increase the productivity of employees. 

Concluding Lines

In this fast-paced, mobile-driven era, developers cannot take long for fixing new features and bringing new updates. It is imperative for them to respond quickly to the user’s feedback and suggestions. 

It is possible that the app rating drops down significantly if developers take months to resolve the user’s issues. 

In such a scenario, DevOps can play a significant role in enterprise app development. All you need to hire DevOps developers who have hands-on experiences in using the cutting-edge tools and technologies. 

Solution Analysts is one of the leading DevOps service providers in India. We have an in-house team of experienced DevOps professionals who can handle various development and operation-related processes efficiently. 

We have delivered highly complex solutions for transforming the core business processes of our global corporate clientele. 

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