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9 Ways to Gain More Customers For Your On-Demand Services

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On-demand app development is thriving rapidly across the world. Since the advent of Uber in the year 2010, the on-demand services have taken various industries by storm. Entrepreneurs can offer more comfort and convenience to customers through on-demand services.

As per an official survey, 42% of US adults have used at least one on-demand service. This survey reveals the bright future of the on-demand app economy.

The latest PwC report has forecasted that the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach $335 billion by the year 2025. The US consumers spend around $57.6 billion every year in the on-demand economy, and this amount is going to increase over the period thanks to the increasing penetration of customized on-demand apps. This is a major reason why entrepreneurs consult the mobile app development company to build on-demand apps.

on demand economy

But, here is the catch- merely having a seamlessly performing on-demand app is not enough in a rapidly changing and intensely challenging on-demand business scenario.

The on-demand app services may fail to achieve your business objectives if there is a lack of proper marketing. It is of utmost importance that how you approach your target audience for offering on-demand services. Let’s stop beating around the bush and discuss the main point.

  • How You Can Attract More Customers to Your On-demand App

1. No scope for trial and error
Let’s face it! In a thriving on-demand economy, no company can go ahead with ‘finger crossed’ experiments based on the trial and error concept. It is necessary to make a precise plan for on-demand app development and marketing. You can research market trends, expectations, and requirements of your target audience, and also, your competitors’ apps to make an effective app strategy.

If you want to come up with on-demand services on an international level then it is better to understand the demographics and identify the loopholes of existing on-demand apps related to your services.

2. Build a community
This is highly recommended for startups and established organizations to arrange webinars and share informative videos or testimonials. It helps you build a relationship with the audience and establish authority in the market. When you build a community consists of loyal or regular customers, chances are high that potential customers will put trust in your services.

It is also beneficial to stay connected with customers on social media platforms. It helps you gain more customers and you can eventually strengthen your presence in the market.

3. Focus on marketing funnel
An on-demand app can work wonders if you can create demand and attract more people toward your services.

Focus on marketing funnel

A strategized marketing funnel consists of social media, offline integration, data analysis, market trends research, and other aspects that can help you come up with a successful on-demand services app. You need to keep the target audience in mind during every stage.

4. Having an app is must
Gone are the days when the on-demand service providers gave advertisements in newspapers, radio, and other offline means at the local or limited level. Unlike today, the marketing for on-demand services was limited to the local audience in those days.

Nowadays, people prefer to order products or services through an on-demand app. The on-demand mobile app development company can integrate user-friendly features and ensures flawless functionality in the app, which connects customers and services providers effectively.
Uber, TaskRabbit, and Groffers are some of the noteworthy examples of how on-demand apps can transform business.

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5. Conduct surveys
Apart from extensive research, you can conduct surveys to understand the difficulties or pain points of your target audience. You can also know what they want and expect to come up with an app that attracts them to use your services.

Without putting many efforts in the right direction, you may start losing customers over the period in the highly competitive on-demand market.

6. Target the right audience
Can you promote on-demand household services in a region where people tend to accomplish chores by themselves? The message is very clear. You just cannot expect fruitful results by targeting the wrong audience for your on-demand services.

Target the right audience

You need to promote your on-demand application among people who are interested in your services. Again, you need to count upon market research and categorization of the audience on the bases of age, gender, and the like.

Once you identify the target audience, you can utilize social media depending on the age and gender to promote your services. For example, Facebook is ideal for all people except those aged 65 and older. Talking about gender, 75% of women and 63% of men use this platform.

7. Make video testimonials
Nothing is more effective to attract new customers than video testimonials. When your existing customers share their experience and give feedback about your services, it attracts prospective customers toward your services. Every new customer remains skeptical about the company’s marketing campaign, but the customer’s testimonial can make them confident.

8. Run reward program
This is a time-tested formula to retain existing customers and attract more people toward your business. You can give exclusive offers in terms of cashback and discount coupons to your loyal customers.

This exclusivity factor can aggravate the demand and your on-demand business can gain ground swiftly through word-of-mouth publicity. People like exclusive things and personalized experience that you can offer through an on-demand services app.

However, you need to take care of bringing pragmatic offers that do not hurt your revenue. Also, the reward program should be run for a short time.

9. Move innovatively
Last but not least- the on-demand services market is highly competitive and fluctuating in nature. It is, therefore, necessary for you to constantly innovate and upgrade your business processes.

You need to consult an on-demand app development company regularly to come up with updated versions of your existing app. While updating your app, you should keep feedback and suggestions from your existing customers in mind.

Concluding Lines

Today, the popularity of on-demand apps is at an all-time high. But this is just a beginning. You can leverage the benefits of a thriving on-demand economy by attracting more customers toward your business.

The techniques mentioned above will certainly help you make the most of the on-demand service sector. It is always beneficial to consult a reputed on-demand app development company to implement these techniques and get more ideas to make your business successful.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy