Top Ten Trends to Watch for iOS App Development in 2019 and 2020

Nov 15th, 2018

Top Ten Trends to Watch for iOS App Development in 2019 and 2020


Time and again, thriving technology brings new advancements to the mobile platform. IoT, AR, and VR are a few futuristic concepts will bring radical changes in the mobile app development process irrespective of OS. Integration of these concepts will help developers bring the next-gen mobile apps with desired features. Talking about iOS, Apple has made this platform an epitome of evolution and innovation. How about going through a few of the top trends that are going to influence the app development process for iOS?

Every year, the Cupertino Company Apple comes up with new upgrades in both hardware and software. In line with these updates, the new iOS version arrives with more advancements. The advent of emerging technologies like IoT, AR and VR have opened up new possibilities for iOS app development. We have witnessed the implementations of these technologies in the development process in 2018. Now, let’s make a list of app development trends for iOS and have a glimpse of future of iOS apps:

  • Focus on App Security

Today, the first and foremost aspect of mobile app development services is app security. Apple’s continuous focus on this concept has made iPhone a preferred choice among enterprises globally. Every year, the new and improved version of iOS makes it difficult for hackers to breach the security. Apple has also made ATS (App Transport Security) mandatory for every new app to make the app more secure.

Recently, the incidents of data breach have grown in number and mobile apps always remain an easy target for the cybercriminals. In such a scenario, the iOS app development company will also keep the app’s security in mind during its development. We have iOS apps compatible with updated security-related approaches every year, and the year 2019 will be no exception.

  • Integration of AR and VR

As AR and VR have evolved with time, we can certainly expect that we will get an immersive experience with the help of these futuristic technologies. A virtual world will become real thanks to the introduction of ARKit 2. Beside standalone AR apps, the ARKit 2 enables the iOS app developers to make an app that can facilitate the users to share their experience.

It is possible for the users to see the same AR object or environment from different angles in different devices. Both AR and VR technologies can go beyond gaming with the advent of ARKit 2. We will get advanced and robust AR and VR apps in the year 2019 and 2020 as Apple will make the ARKit more powerful than ever. Today, we have AR apps like Houzz and Dance Reality.

  • Swift 4 Gains Ground

Swift is an enterprise-ready language. Since its inception in 2014, this programming language has evolved to make enterprise-friendly iOS apps with a seamless performance. Last year, Apple released Swift 4 during the WWDC event, and it was wholeheartedly welcomed by the iOS app developers.

Usage of Swift 4 for iOS along with macOS and tvOS will increase significantly in the coming years. As a major iOS app development trend, we can expect Swift to gain ground because of its easy-to-learn characteristic and ability to develop customized iOS apps rapidly. The developer’s community is eagerly waiting for the updated Swift 5, which will be released in early 2019.

  • IoT and Wearable Apps Gain Popularity

As per Statista forecast, we may have almost 31 billion IoT devices in 2020, and this figure will increase almost two and half times to over 75 billion by the end of 2025. It means, every person will have at least ten IoT devices after two years. The iOS is also in the race of developing IoT-based apps along with Android.

IoT and wearable app development will remain important trends in the domain of iOS application development. Apple has launched HomeKit to promote home automation and IoT app development. If you hire iOS app developers for integrating IoT in the apps, you can get customized solutions for automating the workplace and home.

  • AI Combines with Siri

What Cortana is for Microsoft, Siri is for Apple. It is one of the major reasons why people are switching from Android to iOS. Both the company and iOS app developers explore the endless possibilities of combining AI with Siri. It is fair to mention that the combination of AI with a virtual assistant will remain a technological hot potato.

Talking about iOS apps, if an iOS app is integrated with Siri, the app can remain available in the newly introduced shortcut app section. The latest Sirikit can do such an integration and the users can readily access the features of an app with the help of Siri. What’s more, we can also expect to see some more WatchOS apps with the integration of Siri in the future.

  • Apple Pay Integration

In the age of mCommerce, the mobile wallet has become a norm. Many apps in the App Store also require a kind of payment gateway integration for in-app purchases or premium version. Both iPhone and iPad app development services include the integration of Apple Pay, a digital wallet. These days, this secure wallet has spread to many countries and gains popularity.

Apple Pay can do multiple payments ranging from food delivery to bank transactions and ticket booking to online shopping. As this wallet is supported by iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple Watch alike, we will see the steady rise in its integration in the coming time. This secure digital wallet can enable the users to get rid of saving valuable details of debit or credit card.

  • Cloud-based Apps On the Rise

What do enterprises want in the app? Obviously, easy data storage and access functionality. The cloud technology can serve this purpose. The cloud-based apps will be much in demand because of this functionality. We can expect that the cloud storage solutions will grow immensely in the future as the cloud integration will emerge as a major trend in 2019.

The cloud integration can offer many business benefits like reduced hosting cost, improved storage, and rapid operations. Users can monitor and access the data on the move anytime through the dashboard. Be it pictures, music, or documents, a cloud-powered folder can enable you to store everything.

  • Machine Learning Becomes a Norm

Apple has launched CoreML (Core Machine Learning) framework, which is useful for making intelligent apps across different Apple devices. CoreML can be readily integrated with Siri, camera, and QuickType to build highly responsive apps in a quick time. CoreML has gained a fame since the last couple of years.

The iPhone app development can get a power of machine learning with CoreML framework. In the coming years, when AI-based apps will start dominating the enterprise apps domain, CoreML will become a norm for custom iOS application development process. It will give an advantage of machine learning to the apps and the users can get benefits of advanced programming.

  • Enterprise App Development will Move Forward

The iOS has remained a preferred platform for global enterprises for a long time. The reasons are many but a few noteworthy ones are:

1) better user experience
2) improved CRM functionality
3) higher productivity and stability
4) better data security. When it comes to enterprise apps development for iPhones and iPads, these aspects matter a lot.

Moving forward, we can assume that the iOS app development companies will include all the updates to make enterprise apps more secure and scalable in the future. Such apps can assist entrepreneurs to manage the business operations more efficiently while enabling them to take the critical decisions quickly.

  • Advent of Big Data and Other Advancements

You may argue that this is not a separate trend. But imagine, what would you get as an entrepreneur when the iOS app development company will include all these technological advancements? Big Data and other emerging technologies mentioned above can work wonders in making robust and reliable iOS apps for tomorrow’s business.

Let’s take the example of instant apps. Android has brought this concept and it was immediately become hit among the users and developers. Now, the trend of instant apps comes to iOS application development and we will get a few instant apps in the coming year. Also, the iOS app developers will also remain busy in developing cross-platform app solutions for iOS and MacOS.

Conclusive Remarks

Apple has started penetrating steadily among the Android’s territories worldwide. Be it iPhones and iPads or Apple Watch, more and more people tend to use Apple’s devices. What’s more, enterprise-friendly features have attracted many companies to embrace iOS devices for implementing mobility and BYOD concepts. In such a scenario, it is fair to mention that iOS mobile app development services will thrive in 2019 and beyond. We can certainly expect that the groundbreaking apps will come to the App Store in the future.

As a leading iOS app development company in USA and India, Solution Analysts is ready to offer cutting-edge iOS app solutions across different industry verticals. Our experienced app developers are all set to integrate technological advancements to meet your diverse business requirements and make your tailored enterprise app ready for the future.

Just contact us with your iOS app requirements and gain the most from advancing futuristic technologies.

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