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Three Reasons Swift is Ready for the Enterprise

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Swift was launched by Apple in 2014 as a new programming language to which it was gradually migrating iOS to. By the fag end of 2016, Apple had declared that Swift was now open source and a thriving community was contributing greatly towards the improvement and growth of the language. Today, the language is used for systems programming, mobile app development and cloud services. The programming language is now poised to address the most advanced needs of enterprise app development. We discuss three reasons that show that Swift is ready for the enterprises.

1. Enhanced Productivity

To sum it up, Swift is cost effective, time efficient and secure as a programming language, that can be used, both on client side and server side for mobile and web development projects. Because developers can use it for client and server side development, integration of the front-end and back-end operations in simplified. Thus, Swift enhances  productivity by supporting cost control in development. Furthermore, the programming language comes with over 2000 ready to use packages in the Swift Package Manager, which reduces the development time by a great extent. Developers can take their existing mobile applications and easily create a dynamic backend, thus moving their code as it is between client and server tiers. Thus, they can optimise their applications for bandwidth, security, services access and performance.

2. Swift Developers Community

The thriving Swift developers community, with over 33,000 members on Github is testimony to the favorable sentiments of the developer’s community worldwide. The great demand generated for the language among clients has made it one of the top programming language skills sought in app developers. Also, with its foundation in C#, the language is very easy to pick up and execute, so many enterprises are willing to invest in training their in-house IT teams to internalise Swift-based development projects.

3. Swift is Ideal for the Cloud

Cloud is a dominant platform for innovation and as enterprises are increasingly relying on building application that utilize Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies. Swift requires less code, it is type safe, uses less code and provides high performance – the perfect blend for ideal cloud development and deployment. To support these development aspirations, enterprises are seeking cost effective application development platforms that can be deployed quickly on the cloud. Swift lends speed and performance, while giving space for creativity to developers for developing on the iOS platform. Also, Swift applications use smaller code base, which means low memory footprint and also fast startup. Furthermore, since Apple has lent its backing, they have ensured that any web or mobile development done using Swift is assured highest security standards.

This century is all about mobile and cloud, hence development on these platforms is in high demand, especially for enterprises. If developers can use the same language for client and server side, they will be able to breakdown silos and share code to rapidly deliver on apps and APIs. There are over 1000 apps built on Swift already, and it is fast gaining traction for backend development as well. Its key strength lies in the high quality and supportive development teams, that enable developers to leverage both front-end and back-end development in enterprises.

At Solution Analysts, we work with government bodies, start-ups and large and medium sized enterprises, rendering them our services in iOS application development. We understand the needs of our clients and the suitability of technology for their projects. Thuse, our development team assess the project and prescribe the best possible solution for meeting the client requirement. Swift is the latest tool in mobile and web app development which is synchronizing perfectly with changing technological roadmap of businesses. We enable companies to adopt this new language and leverage its many capabilities to exert the highest ROI.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy