Key Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2023

Aug 17th, 2022

Key Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is changing the way we work and interact with data. In recent years, IoT has become widespread both in industrial and domestic areas. As a robust network consisting of internet-enabled devices, sensors, and applications, the Internet of Things can drive modern enterprises toward the future. Devices can collect and share the data through sensors for effective analysis and gets actionable insights.

IoT and other related concepts like RPA have paved the way for smart enterprises. It can greatly impact various industrial sectors with the increased usage of cloud computing and 5G development. These days, IoT technology becomes more prevalent in the concepts of smart cities, smart homes, and smart offices.

Here are the following trends that are likely to hit in 2023 and beyond. 

Top IoT Trends Set to Rule in 2023

More Focus on Security

As complex challenges may arise in the future, so focusing on the security of IoT is crucial. These complexities are the result of the diverse and distributed attributes of IoT technology. Such a network is vulnerable to attacks that easily leads to hacking. It is the responsibility of service providers to prevent intruders from hacking IoT-based networks and devices. As IoT solution providers have accepted security concerns, this issue will be more highlighted and early solutions will be introduced. An improvement in security can improve the saleability of IoT. 

Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning

IoT networks involve distributed analytics and data that are useful in IoT application development process. It enables the system to trigger alerts or actions without transferring volumes of data to the central network.  It results in improved performance as networks operate at low intervals. Another emerging trend is the integration of data streams with machine learning and AI engines. IoT-based technologies such as smart homes and elevator maintenance are part of this trend. 

Furthermore, integrated analytics is embedded into industrial IoT solutions as it speeds up data analysis. Such analytics are directly integrated into machine learning apps. This set-up efficiently supports IoT devices, processes, and infrastructure adaptation and optimization. Owing to such a development in the IoT area, IoT data will be sold as a commodity. IoT- data improves product viability. Most business executives believe that a combination of emerging technologies can keep the business resilient.

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Focus on Manufacturing Sector

IoT utilizes sensors that can help the manufacturing sector to identify problems in machinery. Issues are identified before technicians begin to work out problems. Sensors in the connected device are important for predictive maintenance. IoT-based applications are utilized in smart factories. The usage of wearable technology provides workers with a clear idea of factory conditions and safety.

IoT and wearable technology connect factory floors to management with an immediate live feed of data. Wearables can also connect with mobile devices which improves time management and safety while facilitating feedback. The advancements in IoT technology bring innovations in preventive maintenance. In fact, this innovation is much needed for proper scheduled maintenance. 

Beacons for Workplace Management

When IoT integrates with various technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, AI, or automation allows companies to optimize the remote workforce efficiently. In the coming days, usage of Beacons is going to increase. Beacons are commonly utilized to send consumers targeted messages through smartphones. It results in cost reduction in workforce management. Beacon can monitor employees and schedule tasks.

Beacons also monitor employee safety. It is specifically important for cases when the right safety equipment is not used. Healthcare can also use Beacons for monitoring activities of nurses and doctors. It can also access medical records and the usage of medical equipment. 

Customer Service

Internet of things can vastly improve customer service as it can enhance the power of CRM systems. IoT technology can detect customer issues and inform companies about them. IoT-based devices can report problems to customer desks and this data is collected in the company’s CRM systems which allow organizations to initiate customer discussions. It improves engagements leading to customer retention. As IoT-based CRM provides complete customer data, it can help in better understanding your customers. Nowadays, CRMS function well with other systems as most of them come with APIs. These combinations can connect IoT technology with existing business systems. 

Smart Stores and Retail

IoT can also be used in building smart stores that speed up payments and personalize the shopping experience. It even allows customers to purchase without interacting with anyone. 

The IoT network utilizes radio frequency identification tags to empower smart stores. Radiofrequency identification makes inventory management easy as compared to conventional data capture systems. 

Internet of Things also records how visitors spend their time on store premises. It is implemented by monitoring their movement and product-based interactions through smart lighting which has IoT-enabled sensors. Using such data from systems allows store owners to improve their offerings. They can make required improvements in their inventory management and the way products are displayed on their shelves.

AV Integration

More and more companies are integrating AV technology into their IoT deployments for improving collaboration and communications. Utilizing IoT for communication and collaboration facilitates a better user experience which is an ultimate way to improve ROI and make strategic decisions based on those data. Data collected through IoT can streamline workflows. IoT can also allocate resources more efficiently and allows the work to run smoothly.

Ending Note

The Internet of Things is evolving to become a full-grown technology in the next few years. Hence, companies should brace themselves to adapt to IoT technology. Upcoming IoT trends can make business operations run smoothly. These trends are also likely to results in efficient output that in return gives more opportunities in the future. Whether you own a startup or a Fortune 500 company, IoT can find its way into your organization. 

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