How does IoT enhance Enterprise Mobility

May 23rd, 2022

How does IoT enhance Enterprise Mobility

SMEs to MNCs are all blending Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Internet of Things for higher efficiency and productivity. The above two topics have been buzz words for quite a while now; but what are they and why are they becoming a must have business element? Let us decode them all!

IoT enabled businesses operate better but on a large scale; managing multiple devices can create barriers! To solve this problem; enterprise mobility solutions are induced into the systems! It may sound like IoT weighs out the benefits as compared to EM solutions but they’re both reliant on each other.

EM solutions improve employee productivity, connectivity and operational efficiency along with providing real time accurate data analytics. 

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are processes offering tools that are mobile friendly and enhance work related productivity. The seven crucial benefits of enterprise mobility solutions are:

  • Efficient data collection
  • Boosted employee productivity
  • Easy availability of information
  • Customized user experience
  • Cost effective operations
  • Enhanced employee collaboration
  • Improved data security

Top technology trend in 2022

On the other hand, Internet of Things aims at real-time data collection, reporting and analysis via embedded sensors, softwares and technologies. Businesses nowadays are technically centralized whether it is for data collection, inventory management or analytical reporting.

When IoT App Development Services are integrated into business processes; decisions are well informed and regular functioning is collaborative. Let’s look at the six prominent benefits of Internet of Things:

  • Enhanced customer service and retention
  • Targeted marketing based on collected data
  • Cost effective operations
  • Efficient use of assets and resources
  • Structured and centralized operations management
  • Automation of tasks requiring minimum human intervention

Merging the two technical aces: Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Internet of Things will deliver the following outstanding benefits:

1. Boosted productivity:

While the Internet of Things records data in real time; Enterprise mobility trends become the point of instant execution. Let’s say that a company has launched a massive sale and the IoT tracks that inventory is going out faster than estimated and that restocking will be necessary. This alert is then instantly taken care of by senior level executives via mobile applications (EMM).

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2. Increased security:

One of the most important aspects of merging the two is the outcome of detailed statistics. Any unusual activity is instantly recorded and detected and this data allows to keep hackers and security brachers at bay! This element of data security is one of the most important drivers for enterprises to integrate the Internet of Things in their functioning.

3. Customized prediction:

Both technologies allow us to track, analyze and predict human behavior. Let’s say there is a mobile application whose exclusive and newest feature is to donate meals for COVID affected laborers. In this case; the IoT quickly uses traffic and predicts human behavior. This not only smoothens user experience but also allows for accurate interactions.

4. Competitive advantage:

Once the redundant tasks are automated or eliminated; the workforce is directed towards revenue-generating activities. This not only cuts down unnecessary costs but also improves the overall productivity. Along with which, the reduced operational costs allow for slashing the prices for customers resulting in a competitive edge.

5.  Accessibility:

Centralized data and easy access to it has made decision making way faster and smarter than ever. It has reduced the need for numerous data sheets, presentations and lengthy discussions based on estimates. Real time data is now available for decision making and it has been one of the biggest boons! Such data accessibility also makes objection handling easier since the analytics make it easier to understand the current scenario and accurately predict the upcoming times.

AI and ML on Enterprise Mobility Solution in 2022

6. Reporting:

Collected data isn’t fruitful if not properly analyzed to extract the most relevant details. Gone are the days when the interdependence of data had to be predicted! Now is the time to accurately track human traffic, interactions and behavior for efficient business reporting. These reports allow us to plan accurately without much scope of deviation.

Let’s consider the following example to quickly understand the execution of such a merger. Let’s say an ecommerce brand is currently running a sale. Now, on the mobile app (EMM tool) IoT allows to easily track which pages get the highest traffic. Using this data, the business can arrange its products accordingly to drive higher sales of that and related products. On the other hand, businesses can keep a track of the fastest selling items that need to be stocked in order to not miss out on the sales.


To sum it all, the transformation resulting from a merger of enterprise mobility solutions
and IoT results in exponential growth. Digitizing core processes not only eliminates redundant human processes but allows for a wider scope of inserting advanced level processes.

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