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Importance of Mobile Cloud Technology for Rapid App Development environment

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Mobile cloud has penetrated the mobile application development market to such an extent that it has become a norm for app development companies to set cloud integration as a prerequisite. The greatest advantage of mobile cloud technology is that it frees space on the device from app-related data. Since app developers do not have to make arrangements for data storage on app, in the traditional sense (on device or SD card), it creates a rapid development environment.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing amalgamates cloud technology with mobile ecosystem and helps overcome the obstacles from lag in performance, security and environment. In mobile cloud computing, data processing and storage happens outside the mobile device. The advantage of this arrangement is that minimal management efforts and service provider’s interaction is required. The infrastructure is being used to perpetrate a host of new services and facilities, some prominent examples are Google Drive, Maps and Navigation system for Android, LiveMesh and OneNote from Microsoft, MobileMe from Apple etc.

Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

While the traditional mobile app development platforms are extensively used, a new branch for rapid app development is gaining steam with many companies offering codeless environment for app development. Apart from saving time and money, it has eased the process to such an extent that absolutely anybody can design an app in a few minutes.

Application of RMAD

Where time and cost are in question, this model goes a long way with low code to no code offerings. It is highly lucrative for business users who require a basic mobile app to get their job done. So, while the developer manages the coding, the operation and deployment will rest completely with the end user. RAPM cloud services provide API connectors for secure integration with back end systems and manage app security.
This technology is currently being used extensively by enterprises for creating emailing applications, apps for social networking and addressing administration automation. The high level of customization enables the enterprise to retain homogeneity and exclusivity at the same time.

RAPM beyond Enterprise

With Swift 2 and Xcode 7, Apple is pushing RAPM so that mobile users can develop their own personalized application for their device. Rumour has it that with Windows 10, Microsoft may also push for similar technology. This would lead to a new wave of app development with cloud technology as the backbone and the internet penetrating every aspect of our mobile activities.

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