A few weeks back, Apple announced Swift 2 at WWDC 2015. This is the latest version of its programming language for iOS. Apple designed Swift 2 to get the fastest and the most efficient performance from its devices. It consists the all-new Whole Module Optimization technology. “Swift brings back the excitement of something new to take technology industry ahead”.

Take a look at some of the silent but exciting features and improvements in new Swift 2 announced by Apple:

Open Source

The biggest news from Apple is that Swift 2 is going to be open-source. Yes, developers will be able to look into the program, code and, potentially can extend it. Getting open source doesn’t mean you can run your iOS app on Windows Phone or Android.

Tools for Linux

Apple is going to release developer tools for Linux, which indicates, writing apps for Apple platform will no longer require owning an Apple device.

Error Handling Model

There are new routines to throw, catch and manage errors in Swift. These enable your code to deal with recoverable errors like “file-not-found” or network timeouts.

Syntax improvements and Language

Swift has syntax features that let you write more expressive code. Apple claims this will improve consistency across the language.


Using the latest SDKs ensures you get access to new features and information about platform changes. Swift 2 will be used to write or create apps for Mac OS X and iOS devices. Swift source code will be released under an OSI-approved permissive license.

Protocol Extensions

Swift is very focused on protocol. You can now add methods and properties to any class that conforms to a particular protocol. This will enable developers to reuse more code.

SDK and Integration

Integrated development environment that contains a suite of software development tools for OS X and iOS. Swift 2 has new features that will enable developers to write even better code. It works even better with the Apple SDKs.

Swift 2 will be released before the end of the year, while iOS 9 will be a public beta starting in July. This is just an overview of what’s new in Swift 2. Learn more about the new Swift Programming”


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