How On Demand Mobile App Development Services Benefit Home Service Business

Sep 21st, 2018

How On Demand Mobile App Development Services Benefit Home Service Business


The hectic schedule makes it hard to manage the household chores. Thankfully, we live in a mobile app-driven world where it is easy to complete the daily tasks with just a few clicks. Let us take an example of house cleaning activity. What all you need is an on-demand home services app, and you can readily get it done.

Customized on-demand app solutions can benefit the business and users alike. These days, the concept of the on-demand app is expanded beyond hospitals, hospitality, and transportation sectors. Even finding plumbing, carpentry, and electrical service providers is done through an app. In other words, home services are also included in the on-demand category.

Here we are going to discuss the nitty-gritty of the on-demand mobile app development services. But, before that let’s make a list of strategies that can help you make a next TaskRabbit and Handyman.

Winning Strategies

Though an on-demand mobile app development company can thoroughly guide you about this aspect, we will go through a few of the important strategies:

  • Find- What your customers want

A business mobile app is simply a solution to complex business processes and the user’s requirements. When you go for an on-demand app development for home services, you need to identify the requirements of your target audience. An extensive market research and a proper homework can assist you in achieving this objective.

  • See-What your competitors do

In the age of increasing competition, one must focus on the competitor’s activities. You can analyze the established player’s activities in this domain to get information about the features. You can also find out the shortcomings of their apps and resolve them in your application.

  • Check- How your app works

Performance is a key factor to ensure your app’s success. You need to keep checking the performance of your home services app during and after the development stage. When you hire home service app developers, you can get regular updates about the app’s functionality.

  • Identify- What is in vogue

Trendy interface and useful features are necessary to attract the users. You can integrate features like push notifications to keep the users updated. Also, you need to take care of integrating the basic features that can facilitate the app users to utilize the home services you provide.

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Fundamental Features of On-demand Home Services Mobile App

Your app has three sides: One is for admin, second is for the service providers, and the third one is for the users. The user-side app should have the following features:

  • Filters

You can provide different filters to categorize the services and simplify the process of selecting the service providers for your app users. Filters enable the users to find the service provider as per distance and skills. This facility ultimately provides a rich experience to the users.

  • Scheduling

It is important to facilitate your app users to select the time slot of their choice. For example, if a user needs a carpenter, they can have a flexibility of booking either in the morning or noon. What’s more, it is better to give the users an option to change the time slot in advance.

  • Real-time Notification

Any on-demand mobile app needs a real-time notification. You can send notifications about the booking confirmation, service acceptance or rejection, etc. to the users. This feature can increase the credibility of your business, and you can use it to keep the users informed about the addition of new services as well.

  • Payment Options

In today’s mCommerce-driven age, you must give all the available payment options in a secure way. Make sure that the app users can pay by using credit or debit card, cash payment, and mobile wallet options. If you give only one or two payment options then the app users may switch to another similar app.

  • FAQs

You must have noticed that the eCommerce-related apps and on-demand apps have either help section or FAQs or both to assist the new and existing app users to resolve trivial issues. You can also provide chat support and video tutorials to enable your users to get rid of any difficulties regarding the usage of the app.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Now comes the feature that shows your transparency and willingness to accept the customer’s feedback. Yes, reviews and ratings can help you know what your customers think of your services. You can also make changes as per the feedback to make your business more customer-friendly.

Apart from these features, you can consider adding the social media integration and promotion-related features in your customized home-services mobile app.

Cost of On-demand Home Services App
Now you may wonder how much does it cost to have an on-demand app for your home services-related business? The answer to this question is complex as it includes several aspects like the duration of app development, complexity, and hourly rates. Though these aspects are interrelated, change in any of them can change the app development cost.

Usually, an on-demand app for home services has all the basic features as well as a few value-added features. If you want to add more features, the complexity of your app increases accordingly and you need to pay a higher cost. Here, the variation in the hourly rates also plays a significant role.

If you hire on-demand home service app developers from the US or Canada, you need to pay the highest hourly rates. But, Indian app developers take the least hourly rate and therefore, you may get a good deal when you assign your project to the Indian on-demand mobile application development company.

Summing up, if you want to develop an on-demand app for your business in India, you need to spend between $12000 to $40000. Also, you need to keep provision for app maintenance and marketing. These are additional services as when you give the project requirements to get a quote, the cost of these services are not included in the development cost.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the demand for home service apps will increase in coming days. In such a scenario, a customized home services application can give you a higher RoI and your business can get a loyal customer base.

Wrapping Up

We have developed several on-demand mobile apps across different industry sectors. If you are a home services aggregator or provider than the on-demand mobile app solutions can take your business to the next level. You can increase the customer’s convenience and expand your services by addressing a huge audience.

As a leading mobile app development company, Solution Analysts can provide you with user-friendly and feature-rich app solutions. Just contact us at and we will start transforming your project idea into an excellent mobile app. Sounds interesting? Let’s start the ball rolling!

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