How Internet of Things Concept Transforms Mobile App Development

Apr 26th, 2019

How Internet of Things Concept Transforms Mobile App Development


IoT is indeed the Next Big Thing. It is also one of the most fascinating terms for people and a favorite term of entrepreneurs these days. As per a report, the spending on IoT is expected to cross over $1.7 trillion by 2020. Surprisingly, it is assumed that mobility will play a vital role in assisting IoT to reach this milestone. Let’s find out how IoT brings radical changes in traditional mobile app development in this blog.

  • How IoT Influences Mobile App Development in 2019 and Beyond

Well, IoT is no longer limited to the concepts of smart city and smart homes. It has shown full transformational potential in the form of IIoT (Industrial IoT). More companies tend to integrate the IoT system to bring automation in the process and enhance convenience. Here we can see the convergence of IoT with a thriving mobile platform. Mobile apps can be readily integrated with existing IoT system at the workplace and the users can control the system on the move.

Also, it is also possible to operate the office system remotely and monitor all the processes from anywhere using IoT mobile app development services. These are sufficient reasons to justify the growing demand of IoT-integrated mobile app in the market. The advent of IoT-based apps tells us the story of connectivity and mobility. Here are top ten ways through which IoT impacts mobile app development.

1. It’s about Approach
Let’s start with the most obvious one. IoT is a preferred choice of entrepreneurs who have an eye on the future. Now, the nexus of connected devices has started controlling by mobile apps. Therefore, business apps that do not support the IoT concept are at risk of obsolescence. In other words, IoT has paved its way in the mobile app development domain, and developers put more efforts into making their apps adaptable to the connected device.

2. Specialization is must
IoT mobile app development services need specialization because the IoT concept involves many tools and devices. It is necessary for the mobile app developers to come up with an app solution that can readily integrate with the existing devices and capable of addressing future requirements. Many mobile app development companies have hired IoT specialists, but in the coming days, developers will also acquire these skills to remain competitive.

3. Next-level Security
The connected devices deal with the user’s data and therefore, they are vulnerable to cyber attacks. There, mobile app developers need to be more vigilant while making IoT-enabled apps. They need to think of taking necessary measures to ensure the security of such apps. In a way, IoT demands the next level security and users can get a safer application.

4. Integration redefined
Usually, the mobile app development services aimed at integrating business processes in the customized app. But, IoT app solutions need a seamless integration between connected devices, sensors, and app features. It completely changes the focus of app developers. They need to keep the focus on the IoT ecosystem along with user interface and user experience of the business app.

5. Enhanced Convenience
The advent of IoT has made the user’s lives easier by bringing automation. Talking about the IoT-enabled apps, they offer us the power to manage many tasks and control different devices at the fingertips. In a way, IoT compels the mobile app developers to come up with more innovative and robust app solutions for enhancing the user’s convenience. However, the IoT app development cost is a bit higher as compared to traditional apps.

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6. Improved User-friendliness
Whether used in smart home or smart workplace, the IoT concept is about enhancing the comfort and convenience of the users. It reflects in the app development process as well. IoT-based mobile apps need to be more user-friendly than other mobile apps. Here, mobile app developers need to make the app with rich user experience.

7. Increased Efficiency
IoT enables mobile app developers to provide a richer and more impressive user experience. Your employees also work in more comfortable environment. The automated network of IoT can simplify the complex process and with the help of a tailored mobile app, you can increase overall efficiency and productivity. IoT integration can make mobile apps more convenient for users.

8. More Insight
One of the biggest benefits of IoT is it can gather a plethora of data through connected devices and servers. The IoT network can collect the valuable and varieties of data to give actionable insights. Now, the mobile app connected with the network should be integrated with the cloud servers to store valuable data. Also, data analytics should be integrated into the app to analyze real-time data.

9. Better Interactivity
IoT-based mobile apps are highly interactive and mobile app developers need to work on making it more appealing. Such apps offer more room for innovation and customization. Also, the IoT application development company needs to keep the app ready to integrate more devices and related functionality in the future. Still, the IoT concept is in the nascent stage, therefore, mobile app developers should focus on integrating IoT advancements in the app.

10. Competitive Edge
Many companies are yet to either integrate an IoT network or incorporate the existing network with the mobile app. In such a situation, the app developers can give you a competitive edge by building a robust IoT-based app. The IoT-enabled app can work wonders as companies can make the process simpler and easier.

  • Key Business Benefits of IoT-oriented Mobile Applications

Here are the major benefits of IoT-enabled mobile apps for your business.
• Flexibility
From offline functionality to anytime data access, the mobile app with integrated IoT features offers a lot of flexibility to the users.

• Branding
IoT mobile apps can promote businesses irrespective of business model and size. They are effective marketing tools and can convince people to put trust in your business.

• Social Media Integration
Like traditional business apps, IoT-based apps can also come up with social media integration. It can bridge the gap between the management and employees as well as companies and customers with ease.

• Notification
The app users can get real-time notifications regarding alerts, maintenance of machines, technical faults, etc. through IoT-based mobile apps. These notifications can enable users to take necessary action promptly.

• Convenience
IoT app solutions provide control of the IoT network from anywhere and at any time. Companies can control the connected devices located at remote places with ease through an app with ease. This facility makes you independent of location and time when it comes to managing the IoT system at the workplace.

• Automation
IoT concept is aimed at bringing automation in the processes. It not only simplifies the complex processes but also enables the users to streamline activities. When it incorporates with the enterprise mobile apps, it shows immense potential.

Indeed, the integration of an IoT network with a business app is a big move. IoT mobile app development services can help you leverage the benefits of both IoT and mobility.

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  • Concluding Lines

Globally, many mobile app development companies have started developing IoT-based mobile apps. In recent time, we witness a sharp increase in the number of mobile app developers who are developing IoT apps. However, it is necessary for you to choose a top mobile app development company to integrate the features of IoT skilfully in your business mobile app.

At Solution Analysts, we have delivered high-quality app solutions by integrating advancements of futuristic technologies like AR, IoT, and AI. Our business apps are designed to cater to diverse requirements of modern business in a cost-effective way. Just send us your requirements at and our expert executives will get back to you.

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