Complete Guide for On-demand Laundry App Development : Must-have Features

Mar 25th, 2020

Complete Guide for On-demand Laundry App Development : Must-have Features

Home services, cab, food, laundry, and dry cleaning services are the biggest beneficiaries of the growing on-demand economy. Think of Cleanly and Laundrapp. These awesome on-demand laundry mobile apps facilitate users to book their laundry services simply by using a few clicks. The dry cleaning service market is expanding across the world, and many service providers offer retail solutions.

As per Statista prediction, the laundry care segment is expected to generate a revenue of USD 83738 M by the end of 2020 with 1.8% of CAGR. Another Statista report has estimated that the market size of laundry facilities and dry cleaning services will reach $14.5 B by 2025. We just cannot ignore the contribution of a customized laundry and dry cleaning mobile app in achieving this milestone.

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If you run a laundry and dry cleaning facility or want to establish a startup for laundry services, then this post is for you.

Here we discuss every aspect of an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning mobile app. Let’s start from scratch and see how the laundry app works.

Customized Laundry App- How does It Work?

A feature-rich laundry mobile app can be developed for Android and iOS devices. The app works in the following way-
• The app users register themselves and login into their accounts
• Users can send requests for the laundry services as per their convenience
• Admin receives the request and checks whether the schedule is possible
• If the slot is available, the admin accepts the request and send confirmation through a text message and an email
• The pickup person contacts the user
• Clothes are taken to to the laundry by the pickup person
• Clothes are delivered after dry-cleaning and ironing

In a way, the on-demand dry cleaning mobile app has three stakeholders- Customers, Admin or Laundryman, and Delivery or Pickup Persons. Like other on-demand mobile apps, the laundry app can also facilitate the app users to take the services with just a few clicks. As an entrepreneur, you can automate the laundry and dry cleaning services with the help of a customized laundry mobile app.

Let’s discuss the must-have features of an on-demand dry cleaning mobile app from the perspectives of three stakeholders. We can classify the app features in these categories.

Important features of On-demand Laundry Mobile Application

The on-demand app development company can integrate the following features in the customized laundry app.


customized app

Easy and quick sign up– The easy login process is designed to enable the customers to register through mobile numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts. It can save their time in registration and help them get rid of providing their confidential details.

Service options– Here, the app users can select particular options for different types of material. For example, if the customer or the app user wants to give cottonwear in the laundry service, they can give special instructions for washing and ironing by selecting the ‘Cotton’ option.

Pickup schedule– The customers can choose the pickup timing as per their convenience through this feature. They need to select the date and time for the pickup, and they can get a doorstep service for laundry.

Cost– After selecting the number of clothes and service options, the customers can see an estimated cost. Here the charges are based on the selected services. For example, if they have chosen ‘Cotton’ material, it costs less as compared to ‘Linen’ material, which requires special care and caution while washing and ironing.

Favorite laundryman– This is an additional feature, but customers will certainly love it! Customers can select their favorite laundryman on the basis of services or positive reviews from other customers through this feature.

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Real-time tracking– Another additional feature is order status. Customers can track their orders in a real-time with the help of this feature. The admin can change the order status periodically, and the customers can stay updated with the status of their orders.

Scheduling– This is also an important feature. The laundry app development company can integrate this feature to enable customers to schedule their cloth washing, drying, and delivery time.

Order cancellation– At times, customers may need to cancel their orders. The mobile app development company integrates order cancellation features for this reason. It can send the booking cancellation notification to the pickup person instantly.

Push notifications– Alerts and notification can be sent to the users by the admin. These notifications can be related to order cancellation, real-time order status, and promotional offers.

Customer offers– ‘My Offers’ can show personalized offers to app users. You can also run a reward and referral program through an on-demand laundry mobile app.

Payment gateways– Be it an Android app development or iOS app development, your app needs to facilitate customers with multiple payment options. It can reduce time and increase convenience for customers. You can directly get access to the funds through payment gateways.

Reviews and ratings– Customers can give valuable feedback and suggestions after receiving their laundry. They can also give the rating to either delivery persons or a laundryman. The ‘Favorite laundryman’ section is based on this feature.

The on-demand laundry application development services can also assist you to come up with a rich app with user-friendly features like cost calculator, time slot adjustment, and user support on a 24/7 basis.

Laundry Man or Admin-side

Laundry Man

Login– The admin or laundrymen can get access to the dashboard after registering themselves. The mobile app development company can make their accounts secure by integrating password and fingerprint lock in the app. The registration process for the admin is also as simple as it is for the customers and delivery persons.

Dashboard– The admin has an interactive dashboard through which they can get access to the data related to customers and delivery persons. The laundrymen can see the data like a number of clothes, type of material, booking date, etc.

Order history– This is an important feature to find loyal or repeat customers. Order history can also help you come up with personalized offers for loyal customers. This feature can act as an analytic tool as well.

Analytics– The most important feature of the admin-side app is analytics. It can show you the real-time statistics and enable you to track the services of delivery persons on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Analytics also enables you to measure the overall app performance.

Reminders– Calendar and reminders can help the admin to send push notifications in real-time. This feature also enables the laundrymen to schedule and accomplish their tasks with ease.

Apart from these features, the admin-side app can have features like instant task assessment, request accept/reject, and management of charges. It is advisable to consult a reputed company that provides dry cleaning mobile app development services.

Pickup Persons or Deliverymen-side


Registration– The pickup persons need to register themselves. They can sign up for quick access to the laundry app. They can register by using a social media account.

Location or Map– This is the most important feature for delivery men. It shows the exact location of the customer. Delivery men can easily find the place of customers to pick up the laundry with the help of this feature.

Earnings– This feature enables delivery men to count their earnings. They can track earnings for a particular trip or view a detailed report on daily work.

Pickup and drop– The mobile app designed for deliverymen has a module to help them receive a pickup and drop request.

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Technologies Used in On-demand Laundry Application Development

Android and iOS app development companies use different technologies to develop an on-demand laundry app. For example, an iOS app is developed by using Swift and Objective C, whereas, Kotlin or Java is a preferred language for Android app development. Similarly, different programming languages like PHP, .NET, and Java are used to build APIs.

The mobile app development company can integrate MySQL, MongoDB, or MsSQL databases as per the project requirements. Twilio can be used for sending notifications and SMS to the users.

After going through features and technologies, you may wonder about the cost of an on-demand laundry app. Let’s discuss this factor.

Cost of On-demand Laundry Application

The laundry app development has all the processes similar to on-demand mobile app development. The cost of a laundry app depends on various factors including development platform, design standards, and app complexity. Let’s understand these cost-determining factors one after another-

Platform selection

Let’s take an example of an Android app. The Android platform has many devices and the testing procedure for customized Android apps is lengthy and rigorous. In such a scenario, Android app development takes more time, and it directly reflects the development cost.

If you have budgetary constraints, you can also consider to come up with a cross-platform Laundry app using Flutter or Ionic platform.

Design standards

The on-demand laundry app should be developed by keeping all the design standards in mind. It is necessary to address the customer’s requirements while keeping the app ready to meet the laundry business requirements.

Complexity of app

Complexity is based on the number of features. If the laundry app is simple with basic features, it will take less time to develop as compared to the same with more interrelated features with higher complexity.

Considering all the on-demand app development stages for building a laundry app, we need approximately 800 hours for developing an Android app and 750 hours for the iOS app. The design part will take approximately 140-200 hours.

Admin panel and backend development will require 60 hours and up to 200 hours respectively. Altogether, a native, on-demand laundry mobile app development will take around 1000 hours.

Now, calculating these hours against the hourly rate, you need to pay anywhere between $12000 to $30000 for developing a laundry app for a single platform. The hourly rates are varied across the world.

Concluding Lines

A customized on-demand app can streamline the processes and take your laundry business to the next level. It is fair to mention that your customers will certainly welcome this app and you will soon generate revenue from it.

What’s more, a laundry app with desired features will certainly help you to promote your business online. The on-demand laundry app will also give you a competitive edge in the sector that has a minimal competition to date.

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