Key Challenges of Healthcare and Fitness Application Development

May 28th, 2021

Key Challenges of Healthcare and Fitness Application Development

Health and fitness go hand in hand. Whether people go to the gym or go for a crash diet, the ultimate goal is to stay healthy. Today, in this app-driven world, we have an app for every activity ranging from learning to banking and shopping to leisure. 

Another emerging category in the mobile world is fitness application development. This category is gaining popularity because of the many benefits of health and fitness apps. 

Before looking at the benefits of mobile healthcare solutions and challenges in their development, let’s have some interesting facts. As per the Statista forecast, there will be 86.3 million users of health and fitness apps in the United States alone. 

users of health and fitness apps

In this pandemic age, people give importance to health and fitness like never before across the world. We have witnessed the rapid adoption of telehealth services and health or fitness apps at this time. As a result, healthcare app development and fitness application development are creating a buzz. 

Let’s go through the top benefits of mobile healthcare solutions. 

Key Benefits of Customized Health and Fitness Apps

A fitness activity tracking app enables users to track their progress. Whether it is day-to-day or real-time results, users can easily manage and track their fitness activities. These apps show whether users are going in the right direction or not, and guide them to change activities if required.

Many gyms and fitness clubs want to make fitness apps for providing information in an interactive and personalized way.  

Fitness app development companies ensure that the app users can track their progress and achieve all the set goals with ease. Some fitness mobile apps also show some blogs and articles for new workout ideas.

As a gym owner you can build a fitness app to give your customers anytime access to exercises and workouts. When it comes to set achievable goals and plan a workout schedule, the fitness app always remains useful. 

Let’s dig deep into the challenges of the health and fitness app development domain. 

Top Challenges of Fitness App Development and Solutions

The biggest challenge for healthcare and fitness app development companies is to protect the user’s privacy and confidential vital data. 

Data Security and Privacy Protection

A typical fitness app fetches data from different sensors of wearable devices. Some sensors are attached to the user’s wrist, and some sensors they can carry around in their pocket. What’s more, the fitness app development company enables users to add data to the app manually. All such data can be stored in the user’s device and cloud-based servers.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

Now, if the hacker gets access to the device, a social engineering attack based on the user’s habits is possible, and the hacker can also gain access to confidential information like the credit or debit card number. 

Also, this data can be sold to the third party for targeting the user with phishing attacks. In a way, a fitness activity tracking app remains one of the major targets for hackers, and therefore, the mobile app development company has to take measures to safeguard the user’s data as well as their privacy. 

The fitness app development company can integrate end-to-end data encryption to ensure that any unauthorized person does not get access to the user’s data. An app development company can attach the decryption key to the app lock code along with the app’s password.

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Shorter Development Time

When fitness clubs or gyms want to build a fitness app, they want to come up with a user-friendly app in the shortest duration. This is a big challenge for the fitness app developers as they rush the development cycle.

Shorter Development Time


But, here is the catch- it is possible that developers may end up in half-baked fitness apps. Such apps cannot serve the purpose behind bringing them in the highly competitive market. 

As per the Compuware survey, 62% of users have experienced a crash, freeze, or a particular type of error with an app. 47% of users complained of slow launch times. In such a situation, agile app development is necessary to reduce the time to market (TTM). 

Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that you can come up with a singular functionality in the first release of a fitness app. You can introduce new features with improved performance in subsequent app versions. 

Integration of Hardware and Wearables

Fitness app development domain poses another significant challenge for the developers.  It is necessary to integrate the customized fitness app with various wearable devices and hardware to gain a lot of traction and accurate results. 

These days, fitness tracking app development companies have to integrate apps with Fitbit and other fitness-related wearables to meet the user’s expectations.

Thankfully, most wearables have a set of APIs and SDKs (Software Development Kits) that enable third-party app developers to integrate them in the apps. 

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Regular Updates

Every-changing requirements, ever-increasing expectations, and intensifying competition compel app owners and developers to upgrade apps regularly. Whether it is a removal of bugs and vulnerabilities or working on the user’s feedback, developers may get confused on many instances during the app modification process. 

In a nutshell, fitness apps offer endless opportunities. Fitness app development companies need to consider various aspects and advancements to grab them. 

Regular updates are necessary to retain customers or users on the app for a long time. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep some budget aside for bringing advanced versions of your app on a regular basis to stay ahead of the curve.

Concluding Lines

However, the fitness app development process is full of challenges, and the app development company has to overcome these challenges efficiently without compromising on the app’s features and functionality. 

Here we have covered some top development challenges for the fitness apps. We hope that these challenges will make fundamentals of fitness tracking app development clear in your mind.

Solution Analysts is a leading mobile app development company that develops feature-rich health and fitness apps. Our in-house team of developers can meet all the challenges efficiently while building feature-rich apps with seamless performance. 

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